Small victory

Falcon Properties and Investments a Rusty Green LLP


This is where I found John Wiepkings involvement.


Randle Case and Benjamin Green were added to the case

Mr. Case and Mr. Green I hope to get my day in court and show a jury what you both engaged in over the last 5 years in trying to wipe me out for a Water Plant and some houses.

Lets remind everyone of your work you paid for via Sarah B Jack

Can anyone guess what I have now that I didn’t have a few months ago?

Proof of who did this for the last 3 elections

The clause in the flyers say they were paid for by

“very concerned citizens”

These so called VCC’s are the developers and investors who residents are indebted to for over 25,000,000.00 Dollars

Plus a future 6-7 million dollar Rec Center (Bent Grass)

17-25 Million WWTF Plant.

Their only concern is getting their money back at any cost

ROI 25,000 to 30,000 every 2 years to protect 24,000,000.00 you do the math.

The bond indenture papers prove it.

Your elected boards leveraged your ass to the hilt in exchange for lower interest rates and some concessions.

Hopefully a jury, not Westfall and Associates will get to see what I learned.

To; Mrs.,  I didn’t cry over losing the election (s) just the fact that your client Jack posted false comments to get votes to win the elections and proof  that Green violated the articles of the PFA to do it for 3 elections.

Randy did it because a Water report and letter from CWRA and El Paso County report said he didn’t have enough water for build out. Your board gave him a sweet heart deal and the benefit was keeping me off the board, in later years.

His ROI is 5,000 to 10,000 every two years for estimated about 1800 homes (see El Paso county report, 2008)

Estimated value 200,000 to 275,000 times 1800 you do the math.

Look up the El Paso County Development plan for this area.

I posted all the documents on my sites over the years.

Ask how much Randy paid Woodmen Hills to tie in to the WWTF plant?

Ya that ROI is looking pretty sweet. I hope to show a jury the public records I got and the ones WHMD denied me, now you see why I am not upset about the denial for records. WHMD acts actually prove my point with the lawyers help.






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