CORA and protecting law breakers by giving them a pass. This is the WHMD way.

The monthly board meeting has been taped for the purpose of using it as evidence against the new lawyer and the board for future reference. The issue is that no one can deny I have documented the acts of the board and its new lawyer condoning the acts of the CORA person. I have in the last 3 board meetings brought the attention of the board the actions or lack there of pertaining to CORA. The CORA person has been tentatively identified as Lisa Peterson. The board has now been advised in the last 90 days of the actions of an employee and the actions of CORA. I have tape recorded the meetings for use in any type of criminal investigation. The issue is that after notifying the district on several occasions they knowingly and with malice continue to ignore the law. The attorney is a different story. She has now been in a meeting where she as an officer of the court has failed to report the conduct of the employees. Written proof is documented by the requests submitted by me. I am and will now move forward to prove what has transpired under Crystal Lynne Blisses tenure as board president.

The employee conduct manual has been tossed aside and any misconduct has been ignored to this date. I have been asked to document these acts and this will go a long way in the future. At minute 2.25 I was cut off by Crystal Bliss during my time. As I have the camera rolling. The new rule is that the camera must be turned off after the meeting is over I am turning over the recording to the ACLU to for inspection. Also the attorney told the board if 3 members do not discuss district topics at the monthly meet and greets then it does not constitute an official meeting and I will be there to file and record those meetings as they are held in a public building. The lawyer is aware that the board member do in fact not have the ability to discuss what was called “gossip”. I am going to attend and ask questions as the flyers says “bring your questions and concerns”. The lawyer knowing right well that issues involving district business will be discussed gave her blessing (also tape recorded).   I also told the board that the publications were one sided and not very fourth coming on the cost of the WWTF plant and I was going to submit 4 CORA requests for documents on the numbers in the publication. Crystal Lynne was not happy and the video shows the displeasure of by all board members. Steve Kreps was less then congenial and did not offer any kind of greeting when he walked by me. He was just as big a 3453453 as I predicted. I cant wait to get him on the stand to prove what he and Eddie conversed about. Once a Krep always a Krep. The publication is a propaganda tool to take away from the real issue that Rusty and Randy have been identified as the main contributors of the flyers in the last two elections. For Randy Case he has been donating for the last 3 elections. Another fact is that I still have not received the bond documents from WHMD after they stated they were in position of them since last month. More proof the debt posted on the 990′s of the PFA is ours so the numbers I was given were false. I also informed the board I was going to get proof of the numbers on the Meridian Ranch portion of the publication and I will contacting Cherokee for additional information and post it here.

The public will see what I have known for years.


I am tired of the lack of response to CORA by the WHMD

So for the record I have been kind, polite, and even so on.

What has this transpired to, Well as Walter Porter stated

“you catch more flies with honey”

Well that analogy was crap and so for the record and for those who do not know

Every time the district fails to respond to CORA each time is class 4 misdemeanor.

If the response has been altered or defaced or not accurate it is a class 1 misdemeanor.

To date I have a total off 9 outstanding requests for records and 4 records that do

not match my request.

The district is willing to risk a civil action on the basis of not responding for no good

reason and by the looks of the legal they seem to condone these acts.

The following is a partial list of records not responded to

Bank Statements

A single district form

Check log

Check data

Check ledger

Bond records

I have in total 9 acts that violate the CORA law.

This law is not a law of convenience so next week I am presenting my findings to the

BOCC so I can shed light on what has transpired to date. If Dan May choses to ignore

me then let the public see it first hand.

I am not going to stand by as so called elected officials sit and reward bad behavior with

raises for merit after not preforming simple duties.

This time I have written documentation

I asked for help and got it