Refusal of request 3rd time. Today at approximately 11:00 AM LePage the billing supervisor refused turn over a copy of the WHMD billing statement claiming that Lisa Peterson had not given her permission and legal had not advised her on the matter.
The above document is a legal document and the district has now (recorded) refused to comply with a legal document. Ms. LePage refused my request for a record and to take a name off the billing account. Please take the time to listen to the recording of the encounter.
I have secured the water shut off and alerted the Sheriff to possible trespassing by WHMD staff. I have set up an escrow account to hold the funds until the district complies.
Trespassing on my property will be cause for immediate civil arrest and detainment for further prosecution.
I will file the deposit stub with the district. Ms. LePage claims that she did not direction from legal on the matter from almost a month ago.
The only thing entertaining is knowing that all your rants are evidence which the judge will find entertaining. For those who don’t know Mr. Howell is the one sending out these messages and I have authenticated the origins and the additional MAC address.

On 5-29-2014 a service was attempted by Sarah Brittian Jack of Sarah Brittian Jack and Associates via her attorney the person who has business ties to Woodmen Hills.
For those who do not remember she was the one who was hired by
Case, Green and Wiepking to do the flyers in the past 2 Woodmen Hills elections.
the smear campaign to keep me off the board to protect the investments of the RGW’s
She was the one who also was contracted by Woodmen Hills and mentioned me by name in her contract and estimate after Janice Pizzi lied about my name on the contract which WHMD was busted lying about in the now famous board meeting in April, 2014.
You remember the one where Tabitha Braille was exonerated in not posting the minutes of the actions the board took on the contract. Thanks to Eddie A for those documents.
 Subpoena to Appear from Jacks attorney
Jan, Jan, Jan.
The man who appeared was Freddy who called the sheriff for an assist. Sgt. White was quite ticked that I wanted to know why they were here since we were not. He told me to basically get bent, no Sgt. White you…., if suspicious activity has been reported and I am the subject it is your job to find out who was here. The moran called 9 times so I back traced the phone number and got his name and the reason he was here. He went to the board meeting to see if I was there and then came and sat in front for almost 2 hours.
ALLIANCE FOR A SAFE AND INDPENDENT WOODMEN HILLS the people behind the flyers in the last two elections filed to take the following assets, home, truck, motorcycle, bank accounts, business tools, furniture and any such asset currently owned by me.
To put this into prospective Janice Pizzi and Lynne Bliss along with other employees and board members told Green I was a threat to his investment and the flyers were the answer.
Mr. Case, Mr. Green, Mr. Wiepking
Everybody remain calm please I insist.
Mr Howell your missing out on all this fun.


STEP 1: Converting a missed payment into a legal judgment

      When a child support payment is not made on the date it is due, the payment becomes a final money judgment. To “reduce” your missed payment into a legal judgment against the obligor, you must complete the

Verified Entry of Support Judgment.

STEP 2: Choosing Which Method To Collect

You may enforce the legal judgment against the obligor in one of the following ways:

You may also request an in-court examination to ask about details of obligor’s finances and assets. See CRCP Rule 69.




      • Where an income assignment only allows you to collect past, unpaid child support over two years, a Writ of Garnishment allows you to collect the full amount of the unpaid child support within limits. Of the obligor’s disposable income, you can collect:
        • 50% if the obligor is supporting another dependent child if there are no arrears at least 12 weeks old;
        • 55% if the obligor is supporting another child AND there are arrears which are at least 12 weeks old;
        • 60% if the obligor is not supporting another dependent child if there are no arrears at least 12 weeks old;
        • 65% if the obligor is not supporting another dependent child AND there are arrears which are at least 12 weeks old.
      • A Writ of Garnishment is particularly effective where the arrears are a very large amount and the obligor is about to come into a large amount of money like a bonus, money judgment, etc.


      • You cannot collect future or current child support as you can with an income assignment.



      • You can seize all the funds in the bank account and you can receive up to the full amount of your claim for past, unpaid child support (if the obligor has that much money in his/her bank account).
      • You can seize funds in joint accounts with the new spouse’s name on it as long as the obligor’s name is also on it.
      • You don’t need correct information about where the obligor has an account or even the correct number on the obligor’s account, so you can serve several banks looking for accounts.


      • Also called a bank garnishment, this is an effective tool only if the obligor has a bank account and has money in the bank account.
      • Only the money contained in the account on the day the garnishment is enforced will be seized. If the obligor places a large deposit in the account the following day or week, the garnishment will not be in effect.
      • A bank garnishment is usually only effective once because the obligor will no longer place money in an account that you know about and have garnished.




      • The obligor will not be able to sell the property or refinance a loan on it until the lien is removed (your judgment against them is paid off).
      • May compel the obligor to settle with you.
      • Lien may stay in place for the life of the judgment from the date of the entry of the judgment for child support but you should probably renew your judgment every six years.
      • You can revive your lien before it expires.
      • You can place a lien in every county that the obligor owns property.


  • The obligor must own real property in Colorado.
  • This will not result in quick collection of the back, unpaid child support.



  • You can seize real (land) and personal property such as cars and even homes to satisfy the debt. You can even enter homes and businesses and take items to satisfy the debt.



  • There are complex procedures and time frames you must comply with to seize property to pay a debt. It is recommended that you retain an attorney to seize the property of the obligor.
  • Some property, such as homes, appliances, jewelry and cars, may be exempt from being taken for judgment because of problems of ownership, prior existing liens, and sheriff’s costs.
  • The property is actually seized by and sold by the Sheriff at an auction. Proceeds from the auction may not be enough to satisfy the money judgment against the obligor.
  • You must pay a large amount of up front costs that you may never recover.
Mr. Case 3 Elections
Mr. Green 2 Elections
Mr. Wiepking 2 Elections

Today I received the CORA response dated May 26, 2015 The post office date was 28 May 2015 the same day I posted an earlier response the letter which states that the district will take 7 additional working days due to office site storage.

The Post office confirms that it did pick up the letter on the 28th of May which is when it was date stamped by Peyton Post office. 2 days after the legal time limit for the response.

They also did not do the “detailed cost breakdown”  prior to attempting to fill the request.

They also failed to state the statue by which they sought the extra time as required by law. The district policy and state law requires a district to expedite the request.  The electronic files are stored on site, not off site. As per our own adopted records retention act the records I asked for are not off site.

If you carefully read the letter they say “an extension of seven (7) working days will be made”. No statue was sited for the needed time extension as per state statue.

If a partial request is available then the district is suppose to turn over those records it and finish the request in the extra time needed.


The law does allow the total of ten day due to extenuating circumstances, off site storage is not one of them.

The due date is Friday, June 5th 2 PM.

At which time the files must be ready for inspection and review.

How afraid is Lynne and the board? Pretty afraid. The law clearly says if a partial response is ready they must make “every” effort to make them available.

I did send it to CFOIA who may join me for the inspection to see how the district conducts inspections. They are intrigued by the districts actions.


Woodmen Hills has yet to responded to my request for the W-2’s. the request was done on 5-20-2014 at about 2 PM, today is the 28th and with the holiday a written response was due by no later than the 2 PM on the 26th of May. I called Carolyn White and left a message but she did not respond. Shortly after the call Lisa Peterson returned to the District office.

Please see this video of the drainage area over by my house after the storm.

Storm drainage video Rio Secco Rd drainage

5-27-2014 a state took back control and told the Governor to basically to FO.

The state of Nebraska passed a law to stop the death penalty.

In New England we say nice fucking job.

In a world where over zealous prosecutors and cops throw out the book when it comes to the facts and justice takes a back seat to a total up and coming hoodlum, it is nice to see a state come around. How many people in the last year were taken off death row for mistakes or intentional actions of assholes who swore to be honest. Don’t make me laugh.

I take my hat off to Nebraska.


I can confirm that Carolyn White of BHFS sent a letter on May 5, 2015 the contents will be posted here. The letter refers to a letter they sent on April 17, 2015. The last letter I received is dated April 17, 2015, I posted here and I am not sure why they need to resend an additional letter they already sent me. You earn the money Girl!

Spoliation Notice and letter from Peterson CC to BHFS

They claim I have numerous disputes with Woodmen Hills, Da ya think.

Mrs.,  Ms. White I am also aware that one employee is now working from home under a rouse of fear and I find that very interesting.

The certified letter is not the April 17, letter that was sent.

The rumor mill is on again, yes I am not going to comment on the flooding issue of Woodmen Hills, as they speak volumes on our infrastructure and its failed maintenance.

Guess who has control of our infrastructure? He is a certain color and the go to girls just think he’s dreamy.

How’s is the infrastructure holding up. LOL.

On the list failed ponds, failed pipe, failed drainage, do I really need to go on?

I could do the job for 40 cents on the dollar as I know dirt.

How much KY jelly do you need me to bring to the board meeting?

What residents want is vagueness and lies to make them feel better. Lack of maintenance didn’t start with Gene but it surly falls to him after Larry left. So how is that going? LOL.

The rumor mill is open for business, I do just don’t know! I have been asked by a few if the El Paso County DA spent upwards close to 10,000.00 to have Mr. Howell testify in the case. I am not privy to it. If you want to get the answer then call the DA and ask them yourself,  as it is an expense the must be accounted for and justified. I do not know if the DA put him up at a Hotel. It just doesn’t matter and who cares. The rumor mill is certainly working over time. If they did in fact do any of the above there must be an accounting of the expenditure and it must be recorded by the DA. Anyone who wants to know just do a CORA. The people who asked me were serious and must be in some kind of loop I am not privy to. Unless they know something I don’t.

I did hear about the one where certain WHMD employees are………

JADE HELM 15 is coming and some are outright scared.

The mayor now says the residents are being “compensated” and isn’t sure if they will be “removed” from their homes and said “I don’t think we are going to have people kicked out of their homes” and “they will not be going door to door” “Mayor of Big Springs TX, 2015″. When is the elections?

The Lt. Colonial of the Army says no “compensation” and the land owners came to the “government” to let them use the land. then this story in the news video above from news 9 totally contradicts those comments.

Oh please my side hurts please stop! Hahahahahahahahehehehehehehehahahahahahah

The Army never lies.

Colorado was a “permissive” state just like parts of California and Nevada.

Texas and Utah and a small part of California was is deemed as “hostile”.

Coloradoans are too “high” to care.

Then this article in the gazette (twice).

I don’t do paranoia, I don’t do governmental interference, I don’t do intimidation, I don’t do Rusty Green (LOL) like the board does,  I certainly don’t do sucking up, Lynne and Jan do enough that on their own.

I do however have a brain and this doesn’t pass the sniff test. Conspiracy NO! Overt operation to train soldiers to take over in the event of martial law………? Given the past actions by our friendly neighborhood “trusted” agencies nothing surprises me. The fact that FEMA is stockpiling food rations, small ammo rounds and securing water is not really an issue to me.

Now if Texas does not want the federal government in its yard then call in the “state national guard and kindly escort them out”, using the same weapons the special group will be using.

I like Chuck Norris and if he says “be vigilant” then dammit be vigilant.

The military has an oath that says “all enemies foreign and domestic”, did everyone forget that part.

In a nut shell there is NO real cause for concern in Texas as the Army plans to go in from July 15 to September 15, 2015 for training (bullshit) exercises for the purpose of “training” troops in how to invade “towns” overseas on a partial nationwide scale (see map).

So who cares that FEMA has been stockpiling food stores and bullets (you can never have enough bullets) by the billions.

Being prior military I support the troops and that never changes. Now with that said with the size and scope of the exercise I would certainly be ever vigilant. The troops are on orders by commanders and those commanders take orders from Generals then the President, now has Mr. Obama ever been misguided or wanted a country of civil obedience.

Dear Texas; arm yourself and grow a pair.

Let’s do a recap. The Federal Governments bought over 1.6 Billion rounds of small arm ammo over the last few years and said it was for training, Correct.

FEMA is purchasing food stores, for a nationwide picnic.

I am not into conspiracies but this exercise has purpose to it. The Army and its elite forces don’t train for nothing. Hehe.

The number of states has increased since origination.

My opinion and my opinion only, The federal government does not do exercises on this scale for the (fucking) fun of it. As the video explanation wasn’t bad enough the fat guy doing the video was nervous and considerably full of shit.

I know bullshit when I see it, having dealt with Pizzi, Bliss and the likes of Greens Army I know a snow job when I see one. The presentation is clear in that it is for rural areas for a purpose.

My response is simple, get ready and arm yourself. If they come a calling then you have the ability to turn them away if not then do so. Nothing about the law says you can not defend your home.

The thing I was curious about was the going door to door of residents and the fact that the military was going directly into towns to drill.


If this turns out to be what they say it is a “martial law exercise”, then not to worry as other “real Americans” will come to help and not to worry.

As I said this country is being flushed down the toilet and it starts locally. First corrupt elected officials, then corrupt politicians.

All one has to do is be a total sell out and easily manipulated by those with money.

No experience needed, your stupidity and shear greed will do the rest.

Ponder this question, who was the elected official (dumb fuck) who was approached by the Army in the first place? Then please see the County Commissioners meeting on the subject. They thought it was a great idea.


Now if memory serves the trajectory of a bullet is in a straight direction and a picture is worth a thousand words then this picture of the judge and the mannequin depicted as the victims is proof that the system is broken. Now I am not completely sure but this is not Texas and the Grassy Knoll or a lone gunman.

If my eyes are not fucked up then the mannequin on the right shows that 8-10 shots were fired from above at a downward trajectory.

Tell me again where the cracker nice cop was standing when he executed his duties?  The mannequin on the left has shots fired in the same downward direction.

John O'Donnell: County Common Pleas Court Judge John O'Donnell points to mannequins marked with the gunshot wounds that the two motorists suffered Saturday, May 23, 2015, in Cleveland. Michael Brelo, a patrolman charged in the shooting deaths of two unarmed suspects during a 137-shot barrage of gunfire was acquitted Saturday in a case that helped prompt the U.S. Department of Justice determine the city police department had a history of using excessive force and violating civil rights.

Here an idea, let the cop get his gun and uniform back and walk a beat in Cleveland just for shits and giggles and see how long he lasts.

A verdict today should come with consequences by the black (profiled) community, this was an execution (murder) by 137 bullets

Ok so here are the facts,

100 officers

62 cars

137 rounds expended

These winners with suffer from small dick syndrome.

13 officers who love to kill opened fire on a stopped car with two UNARMED men inside, these OSCAR winners fired over hundreds of rounds into the car and wadda know the men are dead.

One white cop

2 dead black men

One white judge

Mix thoroughly throw out common sense and add some sheets and a cross

and wadda get


Come on people, the cops lawyers were not stupid they knew a judge would toss the case but a jury would not. They posted the judges picture and he is exactly what I expected. Hope he doesn’t miss his meeting.

This brings me to a plug for our local sporting goods store.

DICK’S sporting goods conveniently located nearby.

Just head over to Dicks and tell them that you wish to exercise your 2nd amendment rights to self preservation.

If you have a criminal record and can not obtain a life preserving material just head to Mexico and see if they can assist you.

I ask that anyone reading this site remember, I too think that standing on the hood of a stopped car (3 feet away)  and firing a dozen or so rounds into a car is murder.

If the black community riots I don’t blame them. Justice, don’t make me laugh.

The judge was OKKK with his decision.

If you can please try not to burn down the too much this time around.

Ya they took off so what, just wait till they stop and get them. NO, not the this bunch of bottom eaters, They brought the example of what they will do if you take off.

The song goes something like this,

We are the cops and we shoot you and we can kill you and you wont win cause the judges are so for usssss and we can eeeeeeexcute you cause we got badges and pretty guns and you will die.

If the cops have to run after you their bringing bullets and a beating.

KKKudos to the judge for his verdict. Just one more step towards a race riot.

If you riot please bring the following.

Food, water, source of fuel for heat it might get cold night, toilet paper, extra clothes, bail money, one hammer, axe, gloves, hard hat, fire retardant clothes, flame retardant shoes, 5,000 close friends a chair and some reading material.

Now you all go out and teach whity that black lives matter and bad cops are everywhere.

A hall pass is in order.

Standing on the hood of a car surrounded by cops, Ya these guys were a threat.

The right to life is not a constitutional matter this piece of paper does not say this applies to only whites, sorry..

Just another executioner on the tax payers dime.

Ice-T said it best.


To answer a question posed to me today Yes.

Eddie Williams my lawyer on the case against Woodmen Hills received scholarship funds from the trustee of the bonds for WHMD while in law school. After he did the interview of Bathgate Capital he disclosed to me that he received over ten thousand dollars from ANB bank. He also expressed that he was a room mate of the Presidents son while he attended school.

Just to get the facts straight I have requested the hearing transcripts from the case to show everyone the change in events in just 2 hearings. They show events that took place after Mr. Williams discovered that ANB bank was the trustee.

When the time comes Mr. Daily will be called to testify on my behalf as I confided in him after he left the case.

The truth about what happened will come out.

Remorse is an word for those who have a conscious.


Mr Green is B.I.G. Partners, he is also not just an employee for other entities for which is the claim by others. His name on many operations as partner and such. The rest was proven when I uploaded 1700 documents and collected the CWRA records. He is partners with GTL on a lot of wells. The other matters of the bonds for which the board refuses to release was proven he is a bond holder. That fopar was made by the bank who is the trustee.  The Bent Grass deal was his baby and until the facts for which were proven establishes his direct involvement in operations of WHMD. The fact remains that 3 men who have a 150,000,000.00 dollar investment control WHMD with their agents. Mr. Fulton is an agent. Paul McCallaster is another. The agenda has been proven with records denied by WHMD.

719 327 2880 is the only number you need to call to set the record straight..

Believe what you will I back it up with records which the district claims it didn’t have. The records that are suppose to be public were not in available via the district and if it weren’t not for the assistance of the CFOIA I would never know how badly I was getting lied to.

I have to get past the HOA Howell matter before I give out my …….

Well thanks for the heads up on the video, I reloaded the correct one

The CDPHE files are a hit they are the most uploaded documents in history on this site. I will post other records that prove who controls WHMD.

The Colorado Water Resource Authority records will be loaded soon enough. Seems proof is what everyone wants so I will give it to you in thousands of pages.

To address a claim by Howell on the HOA  flyers (which is now evidence in my current case). Bankruptcy actually has a positive side but his lack of knowledge on the subject, well read on. No one likes BK but a benefit of doing so could potentially release the district from its current debt obligation. It also in certain cases allows entities to renegotiate contract and IGA’s. The sticking point is the confidants and employees who keep the secrets. A trustee would be assigned and take over operations of WHMD

This would result in some of the employees being tossed. Even if the overall outcome would benefit all residents the fact remains that the needs of the few do not out weigh the needs of the thousands. That’s in simple terms. One fact left out was when Mr. Bishop claimed the “water would be turned off” during a meeting back in the day, that claim was proven later on to be not accurate. Yes Green has us by the balls but no one on the board has any so nothing will change. That’s the short of it.

A little known fact, it was WHMD who explored filing BK.  I was not on the board. Try getting your facts straight. Go ask for the minutes where Mr. Bishop explained what the board was doing in 2009.

To; I cant get the facts straight we had and option to reduce the operating expense but this is how the board keeps loyalty. The savings was over 600,000.00 per year in a power point slide presentation. that savings would paid off one bond, the district office not to mention all brand new equipment and  lower the monthly bill.

All without sacrificing a single drop of water or safety.

Unsecured creditors and even some secured creditors do not get their money back.

The benefit is that the ability to renegotiate some if not all the contracts or IGA’s benefits the residents. Benji isn’t going to risk losing millions so taking me out of the equation is collateral damage and necessary but the ROI is tens of millions

You can buy a lot of board members retirements with that money.

Great news I was able to upload the CDPHE files and I will post in instructions on how to retrieve the files for free.!219j0DCC!UBWJTe3JFozaAdpWwYIlwA

The site is called MEGA and double click on the above link you see, you will see a file named CDPHE files just double click on the file and follow the prompts on the page for instructions. Thanks for being patient.

We want to wish a neighbor well who is going under the knife for knee surgery all the best.


The district under Bliss is the most secretive one since I’ve been here but the reason is due to the fact the I can with their own documents prove developer involvement and who controls the water along with our infrastructure. Green is owned millions by the district in writing not just rhetoric. Yes, the reason Bliss put him on the PFA was in exchange for favors and future considerations, it may include monetary compensation or some kind of other gifts but I am just spit balling here. Why else would Bliss cover up PFA files and deals?  Too damaging?

I am trying my best to get the CDPHE files loaded, it is must reading. I am also gathering the CWRA records to post.

The salaries you pay are public record. The CFOIA in Denver will be copied on all requests so they can follow the trail.

You remember they were the ones who busted Lynne Blisses organization trying to screw me out of 2400.00 dollars for a file that would ultimately cost under a hundred dollars by claiming it was a mistake. BHFS never returned my calls for that one he was too much of a………

The request for the 1099’s and W-2’s has been submitted on 5-20-2015


Yes, W-2 are public record for all employees of WHMD and so are 1099’s for consultants and contractors. As part of Quick books the files are under “payroll” and as such are a financial record of expenditures for a public entity. Most municipalities post the yearly salary of its employees just as a matter of disclosure.

Any civil attorney is aware of this practice and no judge would rule against it as it is common place by news organizations to obtain this. The Gazette has in the past obtained payroll records of municipalities for research. They gave me the idea.

I did ask for those records in a previous request and was denied due to confidentially. After the seminar presented by WHMD earlier this year the lawyer corrected some misconceptions on what is and isn’t CORA.




I did ask for those records and was denied. I have put together the second request which is legal and permissible.

They will NO DOUBT try to pad the cost in redaction cost for certain records but I will still ask for them anyway.

Who works for WHMD is public record contrary to the lawyers claim. All state, county, federal and local entities have employees wear name tags.

Woodmen Hills doesn’t, Why?

My request for compensation is legal and permissible under the law and, isn’t everyone following the law?

They can redact the social security number and birthdate information for those employees but other than that, that’s it.

I am not going to ask for all records, only ones of the full time employees of which to my knowledge is 22.

How long does it take to redact a W-2 or 1099 about 30 seconds To retrieve an electronic W-2 about 15 minutes (for all of them).

The files for pay are suppose to be located under the payroll section of Quick Books Pro  and are easily accessible in electronic form.

They know why I am asking for it so watch the cost and the claim of those costs.

The names of who works for WHMD is public but WHMD choose to claim this information was not public in direct violation of the sunshine laws as verified by CFOIA in Denver CO.

Please see the Quick Books Pro tutorial as reference

The reason for the tutorial is for a purpose. A judge must be shown that a person who is not an accountant can do Quick Books Pro in less time than has been claimed by the CORA division of WHMD. I have done videos of me doing exactly what the district claims takes hours in minutes. Actually I can process ALL the requested files in under 30 minutes. Not one file but all the documents I have requested for records in under 30 minutes using Quick Books Pro 2014. This establishes proof that WHMD is padding the time for electronic records requests, Judges who rarely get the chance to rule on it due in part to most if not all governmental agencies are not being this stupid.

According to the records I requested from WHMD the total time for retrieving the records is over 50 hours.

My total time 2.5 hours for all electronic requests this includes printing which is where it took the most time.


Yes, as a matter of fact my lawyer (s) did in fact find that the HOA was operating illegally but also that it was picking and choosing what rules to abide by. If you read the letters posted on this site it explained what they’re own attorneys claimed was the fault of Green (declarant) , Pizzi’s boss, mentor, BFF, trusted source, and such.

YES, The water board lied to 2500 home owners at a board meeting that was taped by Andy Koen.

Fact; all financial transactions including payroll is subject to CORA their own lawyer hired to do the seminar told them that.

In 3 prior requests by me the DO attempted to redact the information claiming it was not subject to CORA and denied the existence of a contract for Gene even though Al told everyone in a board meeting (2014)  that he did in fact have one as it was part of a package,  Why did they lie again? The agreement contains a clause that if Gene does not stay for 3 years his truck must be given back to WHMD. So why the lie by the board who made the deal. Well ask them why the cover up of a financial transaction.

I call it the “Jacks” conspiracy.

More lies and this is why I request records to have proof of the lies. Actually it was posted on the fatlady web site.

When the lawyer who did the CORA seminar told the board the salaries were subject to CORA you should have seen the looks on the boards faces.

The DO tried to redact the payroll and it is public record 3 times in their own responses.

I was going to re submit the request. The reason is due to the fact that ALL financial transactions are subject to CORA. Payroll is not redactable nor is any other transaction for that matter. It was done to intentionally increase the cost of requesting records.

The responses by WHMD show redaction of records take hours, must be a one arm paper hanger doing it.

I have made videos of redacting to show how long it actually takes to do it.

WHMD total cost to view those records is just under 1,000.00 dollars. Previously under 100.00 dollars under the old rules and Mr. Bishop.

I was denied access and DO’s lawyer made the process so expensive claiming that her office must review all requests, not true, Lynne Bliss on developer direction choose to go to the district to fatten the bill to show how expensive the process was. What was not told to everyone was the if a record is readily available it must be produced immediately. The board and lawyers delayed all requests even simple ones. They’re own responses reflect it. The law says if you make a request that it is NOT to be construed narrowly but broadly as to ascertain the records quickly. In 5 responses sent under the Bliss tenure claim they do not know what I am asking for and closed the request. They cry wolf over legal fees for CORA but neglect that it is her actions not the requester as to the reason for the higher legal bills. Bliss uses false claims (proven) to garner support from some really …….. people. The lawyers do not engage until requested to. FACT. So when the board whimpers over the bill they forget to tell you that in all instances that the people doing CORA are being interfered with Pizzi, Porter and on some occasions Bliss.

The purpose of CORA is to prevent fraud and corruption by elected officials. Too late.

In all but 3 requests the time it took to respond was over 3 days. If a delay is needed it must be accompanied by a letter stating specific reason as to the reason why. Only one such letter was ever produced. Monthly statements are easy but again each request was 3 days and an average cost of 50.00 dollars. Under Bishop 15.00 dollars and turn around was under 3 days.

The electronic records for things such as bank statement, payables, and such are all electronic but the claim by WHMD in their own response is that every time I request a document BHFS must review the request and charges will be added to each one and each request time increased by 300% percent. The standard time for a check ledger was 30 minutes under Bliss 2 hours for the same document. Bank statements 15 minutes under Bliss 2 hours.

Larry Bishop wasn’t anywhere this much of an asshole.

The PFA files (Greens files) were never shown.

Actually all records of Greens  involvement were never produced by the district.

Just the facts.

Someone did give me a great idea on the “washout area” so I will be filming it in bad weather. Great idea and the video will do the talking and narrated by me.

Why are the water bills showing up later and later? We paid for all this automation for on time billing. If the bills are read on the 26-27-28 of the month prior then according to the postage mark it is taking some where around 10 days to get it printed and posted by an outside source. Under Larry it was 5 days. Bliss is proving that she cant handle a simple billing matter.

Well what did you expect from a “go to girl”

My question is, how much are they paying you to do all this?


I have not opened the letter from WHMD’s attorney as of yet I will video it when I do.

 I did not receive our monthly bill from Woodmen Hills for the second time in as many months and the bills are appearing later and later thus giving residents less time to pay them by the due date of the 25th. The 21 days allotted is now down to as little as 14. The bills are post marked the 8th (a resident showed me theirs)  for this month and arriving as late as the 10th. 21 plus 8 is the 29th not the 25th all under the reign of Blisses board. The automated meter system was suppose to fix the billing matters and make it quick and more efficient but alas it didn’t.

The billing statement was not updated to include my name by the billing clerk supervisor LePage. You be the judge was this done intentionally? Here is the request letter and a copy of the service application the district claims is “internal use” only As submitted with my payment to correct it. The district claims the “internal” document no longer exist in an open records request made.

I have also attached the county tax records as proof ownership. But alas the board and its agents refuse to update the official records. Why?

Being I am the only resident who is being treated this way. The video of the washout is in the works.

Tax Statement_4231307029

I will escrow the full payment in separate account until such times that WHMD puts my name on the billing account.

Update of billing name



When neighbors are bad there is nothing to do but wait till they die.

For years we knew the two homes located to the left of us were horrible to say the least. In discovery we learned how bad and just lived with it. For years I told the old couple aka the “rats” that they think their shit doesn’t stink and due to their love of the Pizzi garnered some free pass. Recently I learned that a one realtor was actually giving out warnings and such of “that neighbor” and such lives next store.

To that end I recently contacted that agency with the agent who made those comments and let them have it. They didn’t call the cops cause they knew they were wrong. An apology was offered and not excepted.

Contrary to popular belief the Swalleys don’t control filing 11. The records of filing 11 were turned over along with statements made by prior managers who were forth coming prior to their removal.

I warned them once so any additional communication is not necessary.

A great couple recently moved in next store. They have great kids and are not stupid.  The Swalleys again tried to interject their brand of garbage. Mr. Swalley for 9 years I have tolerated your crap. Until the filing 11 suit I never knew who the “rats” were. That all changed after discovery.

For the record their dog has better common sense then them. The attempt to find another alley is over the top. For 9 or so years you have tried your hardest to make other neighbors dislike me. I don’t need your help. Why do you think so many of them say hi or stop by? Or when they need something they come on by and ask, well its not due to my strikingly good looks or killer personality.

They know better.

You are exactly the kind of neighbor others should look out for. Your old, smug and not to mention a bunch of other stuff. Your years in the Navy didn’t teach you…..

The “new” neighbors are smarter and don’t want to be part of the “haters” club that you aspire to.

Must be tough going though life disliking someone who is a fighter of others rights.

Since your DNA is that of an elitist there is no changing your mentality. Now I suggest you stop trying to influence our new neighbors and let them decide who they choose to say hi or engage.

How insecure are you?

They are good neighbors who don’t need your input to form an opinion. My neighbors know who I am.

When I hear of the shit you pulled to try and influence other neighbors it sounds to me like you are a scorned old man with little to look forward to.

It is not illegal to be an asshole that’s the good news.

For all to know the following was not attempted until I had to hire a lawyer to force the filing to get legal.

9 requests over 5 years to legal – Refused by all boards.

Request to stop suing home owners – Refused by all boards

Request to leave the Wrights alone – Crickets

Defend lawsuit brought by Blake Mathies mastermind an Howell and the board – -dumped.

Hired lawyer to force HOA to get legal – accomplished

Asked HOA to drop liens against home owners – accomplished

Got HOA to get legal – accomplished

What did Ron do for his fellow residents?

I got results, I guess the

“The Stupid’s” forgot that part In the flyers.

The goal was to force the HOA to stop litigating home owners until a more amicable solution could be worked out.

Howells approach was, Sue and ask questions later.

Yes I hired a lawyer and no suit was filed Howell forgot to mention that in the flyers.

It didn’t suit his attack.

My flyers will soon be out and about. My actions made the community not only legal but removed the fear of Stalag 11

Didn’t see that in a flyer.

For all those accomplishments all Howell did was contact Jan as he indicated and collaborated on his attack flyers.

Fear is what drove Howell and the rest of Greens Army.

For those who didn’t read the earlier post,  Pizzi’s BFF

was the original declarant Mr. Green.

The more people try to run from the facts the more I can trip them up.

I proved the board lied to all residents but I don’t see the clappers at the meetings, must be tough going though life as a blind follower.

The lie was protecting his involvement in operations at any cost.


I received a second letter from BHFS, it was put in the wrong mailbox, so I just got it. I will open it on video and read it.

Due to certain current constraints I can not comment or respond to it right now. However, in due time I will.

I did a video of the washout area for which WHMD received grants for from the CDPHE. Residents deserve all the facts not just a report. A video always clears up any confusion.

Lynne Bliss did record the hearing and brought a copy of it to the district office.

I was excited to see her and Frank at the hearing it solidified her alliance to the developers.

The claim by WHMD is the last one so make it a good one.

All this so Green can control a district from home.

Must be tough going though life as someone’s bitch.


Please keep the emails coming, I think a jury will see just exactly what the EPSO didn’t choose to cause they are…..  The reason for authentication is simple and revealed at trial. Well if I am correct then the jury will get the complete picture.

Now I’m a third party.

To: Ron ( Thinks He Is Magic) Pace ( Tricks Are For Kids)
Why can’t I just be a resident who doesn’t see things the same as you? You post comments from other anonymous people. You see, I too can manipulate my contact info to show what I think about the people
From: This sender is in your
Sent: Sat 5/16/15 7:06 PM
To: Ron ( Thinks He Is Magic) Pace ( Tricks Are For Kids) (
1 attachment (32.8 KB)
Why can't I just be a resident who doesn't see things the same as you?  
You post comments from other anonymous people. You see, 
I too can manipulate my contact info to show what 
I think about the people writing to me. 
How was the email authenticated? His a picture for you.

keep reading


This message was sent by Mr. Howell who also played the deputies like puppets. These are not the only messages he sent via a third party. The message was authenticated.

You see I can play you like a puppet 

To: lskfjadofjewfiw 1234567890
County records and feeding your ego is fun.
Santa Clause and his eight tiny reindeer Sent from my iPad Begin forwarded message: From: Raczj64 Wink wink <> DATE 10:29:49 PM CDT
From: You moved this message to its current location.
Sent: Fri 5/01/15 12:04 PM
To: lskfjadofjewfiw 1234567890 (
County records and feeding your ego is fun.Santa Clause and his eight tiny reindeer
Sent from my iPad
Begin forwarded message:
From: Raczj64 Wink wink <>
Date: April 30, 2015 at 10:29:49 PM CDT
To: 1234567890 lskfjadofjewfiw <>
Subject: Re: Army
Well, if they contact me, I’ll be sure and let you know. I will be happy to talk with them.  Please have them contact me!
Micah Howell
Sent from my iPad


Timothy McVeigh was a veteran and……

I just discovered that we both have something in common, do you know what it is?

To the first one who guesses gets a prize.


Hot tip #1 for cities who wish to avoid riots; do the following.

9 Georgia Deputies fired for killing an inmate.

Good start. Not all deputies are good and not all are bad the bad ones can be spotted a mile away. The good one should take the bad one out back of the wood shed.

When rouge officers teach new ones you have a bad agent. To Attorney General Lynch, to stop the disease you must first fix the cause.

Fundamentally the premise law enforcement is great but then you ad a sprinkle of damaged goods and the system never recovers.

A scorned deputy, one who lied on their medical exam, one who didn’t seek treatment for their mental health issue after combat, one who suffers from PTSD, one who suffered a TBI or a number of such factors that back in the day would have eliminated them. One federal cop who took a head hit and diagnosed with a host of issues got the job due to the Feds hiring quota. He brags about it at the VA.

One such fact, I personally discovered that several deputies who served didn’t get mental health treatment because if they did they would be disqualified as candidates for certain cop jobs. Just the facts. For those who think it is not true head on over for the initial hiring process recruiter and ask the recruiter for the psychological test and questioner they give to new recruits.

How do I know this, I asked.


Speaking of deflated balls, the gazette has a story on Good ole Terry boy, the old horny sheriff of El Paso County who stooped half the staff. LOL then screwed his staff LOL.

For those who know Terry he was the one who cheated, lied and then some.

Some are calling for criminal charges. Don’t make me laugh.

No way does he get touched or charged.

The amount of destruction he could heap on the establishment would turn it into a pile of rubble.

He still has the shovel and the closet full of other goodies.

Terry is gone and all that is left is some unsatisfied woman and settlements.

The fear he could reign down on El Paso County would change the very fabric the party.

Terry the Terrible is the one who came out smelling like a rose.

Terry gets charged LOL. Hahahahahahaha Heheheheheheh Hahahahaha


Tom Brady busted!

Sad day for football and Tom’s balls. To bad Gisele will have to step to the side and let the NFL grab Toms balls. Good news they can’t take away the Superbowl from the team.

Why Tom, Why?

Just another video of a WHITE cop kicking a black man while he was on the ground, no surprise there. The judge ruled that the video was to be released and just another example of the fair and equal treatment by cops toward blacks LOL. The only reason I am still alive is cause I am white.

Kicking a man in the face is not assault it is attempted murder as the man is helpless and a kick to the face could kill him.


Woodmen Hills hired a new Park and Rec Director hope he loves old stinky seafood and bending over for toe touches. If he has any balls not to worry, Lynne and Jan will make short work of removing them.  Please pick up your handy dandy deluxe “ass kissing kit” with free hip waiters at the developers office district office. I have not seen his name nor him. I am sure if he doesn’t lick their boots accordingly he will go the way of the last 4 directors/managers. Wishing him luck isn’t nessessary so long as he enjoys crusty old seafood and has a lifetime supply of lube. 20 years experience means nothing when having to deal with the likes of the “Go To Girls” LMFAO.

A bit of good advise, get a flash drive and recorder and keep it running when dealing with the board or Pizzi at anytime. You and your future employment lawyer will thank me for it later when you sign those “keep your mouth shut settlement papers”. The difference between 20,000 and 200,000 is evidence so make sure to keep copies for yourself. Don’t take my word for it just contact the prior directors, ooops my bad they signed “non disclosures” so you can’t.

As for rumors, one board members is thinking of quitting due to Lynne Blisses “antics” in the board room.  Well what did people expect from the her? She isn’t goal or results geared and already established she loves her some developers something awful.

Lynne Lynne the city of sin you never go out the way you come in. “Famous Bostonian”.

Welcome to the Russian front,  Woodmen Hills developer controlled and KY Jelly approved.

Brought to you by Trojan, because some accidents can’t be taken back.


CDPHE files are here, sorry they didn’t attach but I am working on it.

Yes filing 11 HOA did vote to expend $4,000.00 on some kind of party go to the C&C web site to see who is doing it. That number would pay for 40 homes yearly fees or could have been used for a fund to help out homeowners who are on hard times. Nope, a party was the way to go.

Trailers for yard work are not the same as road worthy trailers. Yard trailers are ok as they are for doing yard work. They are the ones you can pull with a yard tractor.

A “road worthy” trailer has a registration tag (license plate) on it.

If your trees did not flower but are alive just show proof with a picture. Most trees have a one year warranty on them so keep your receipt and exchange them. If not get off your ass and replant  it.

I did paint my own house contrary to popular belief, it took two weeks and 500.00 in supplies.

As for frost heave in the wall I replaced several blocks the old fashioned way.

Mrs. Allen of Courtney and Courtney is doing her inspections as I confirmed. As with such a large area it will take time.

The campers are not allowed after the 72 hour allotment. Some FTOB’s enjoy a pass and this is reflecting a blatant violation of the rules. I stopped taking pictures as these people are above the rules and FTOB’s

Mrs Allen will be coming around soon enough and will have pages of violations to write up.

This will be the test of the new board. It will be interesting to see.

If you spot a violation by all means call her at C&C directly at (719) 260-8216

Be the rat that others are and always will be.

I lived next to a rat for years so I know what one looks like

In the CCOIA act there is a provision directly related to unsightliness of property. Go read it. It covers up keep on properties and such. I read it.


Good luck to Marylou Makepeace on her attempt to beat out the establishments choice for Mayor. She would make a great Mayor, she has the experience. We here at the freedom loving network support a female candidate. Mrs. Makepeace has the goal already in the name and we here wish her well. On that note a female presidential candidate entered the race to crush “the Clinton”.

Good news is she is a real female, unlike Clinton who’s identity is still up for debate.

Mr. Huckabee also joined. Now can we get Mitt back for one more shot?


This video is awesome cops goes ballistic

This cop is swearing and cussing at the guy this is one is awesome if you watch only one watch this one

A white male cop from CSPD teaches a young black man who’s boss and shoves his knee in his neck area putting all his weight on him while twisting his arm during a stop while being a passenger not the driver and the camera goes dead. Look at the bright side they didn’t get shot and killed.

This is where it starts, cop goes commando on a guy and its just business as usual. The guns were drawn and they were itching to practice on him. Correction, a gun was drawn. I just pulled a FOX NEWS. LOL.

The cop refused to answer any reasonable questions asked of him on what or why the man was being asked to leave the car prior to being thrown on to the ground and cuffed during a snow storm while having his face mashed into the ground by the cops hand.

The female officer repeated that he was not “under” arrest. Really, ya could have fooled me.

The guy didn’t break any law I can see. He was polite and not aggressive nor cursing.

Those men should be glad they didn’t become a grease spot on the pavement after the camera went dead.

This was kind compared to some I have seen.

Oh in case anyone cares it happens to whites as well just not reported cause its not news.

I am glad to see the ACLU is taking up the case. Enjoy the tax dollars you will receive for one cops actions.

Being born a certain race is not a crime.


Woodmen Hills fires the first salvo;

Brownstein Faber Hyatt and Schreck legal counsel for Woodmen Hills sent me a registered letter on May 2, 2014. Type this number 9414726699042952660979 in the box and click “find” button to see when it was shipped. Use this hyperlink to get the senders information on it. The Post Office didn’t put the senders name on the slip and the postal officer said that the letter came from BFHS.

The letter was sent back and a voice mail was left with Ms. White

I asked her to only contact me if service is needed or needed to be waived.

To put this into prospective, I paid my bill with a cashiers check on May 1, 2015 at 11 AM by slipping it in the security window as I have done for several months and Tabitha appears says nothing and I leave the check for payment as I have recently done and leave no words exchanged and the next day the lawyers send out a registered letter. I wonder what the claim is now?

Rumor has it that Lynne Bliss had a meeting at her home on Saturday morning.

This just keeps getting better and better all the time. The recorder has nothing on it as I never uttered a word and neither did Tabitha not even a greeting. The check amount is the same as the last several payments for 175.00 and the remitter for our address.


An RV camper or trailer left on the property over 72 hours is in violation and if the manager is doing weekly checks then they would have pictures of the violators and reports of any infractions or violations. As for any other trailer the time is upon parking it on the property after off loading or loading. Yes I have noticed trailers in violation but those are FTOB’s so the rules do not apply, “selective enforcement”. If the owners wanted to  comply they would but alas……. Loading and unloading is the rule so the ones on my street alone show 7 violations and counting. Thanks to my neighbor for pointing it out but I am not the HOA.

The premise of an HOA is to protect values and it is up to the HOA to enforce the rules as it is subject to “interpretation” and the buddy system.

The term “selective enforcement” means exactly what it means. As for painting being an issue if the property falls into disrepair then by the rules and CCOIA presents a “negative” impact on property value and the HOA is suppose to notify the home owner of it. Even former board members homes are in need of paint but nothing is being done. Even rental properties are in poor condition but alas no action to correct it and protect our values. Must just be a “select” few. As for unsightly vehicles all one has to do is be a FTOB.

 Hello to Mabank, TX.

HOA issues continue

Jamie Allen of Courtney and Courtney is the manager of HOA filing 11, if you take issue with trailers being parked in yards, homes needing paint or vehicles in disrepair then call her (719) 260-8216. The management company is the one RESPONSIBLE (being compensated) for sending letters to home owners under direction of the board.

Contrary to popular belief I am not on the board nor do I carry any weight here. You voted for this so live with it.

However if you feel so inclined and are tired of the SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT by the management company or board you can do the following

Since the HOA is responsible APPLYING covenants in a fair and even manor you can do what other residents did and

Call Macau Law and ask for Mark Antony 719-633-2222. As there were letters posted here on what the HOA was suppose to be accomplishing and didn’t. When you stop by here and ask me questions on legalness of HOA there are several different issues at present.

#1 Selective Enforcement

#2 Management

#3 legalness

#4 What is an infraction and what isn’t

#5 Failure of a board to carryout its duties

#6 Applying covenants

#7 Compliance

The legalness of the HOA has been addressed. The new board is responsible for other issues.

If the HOA fails to apply the rules fairly and evenly then a home owner can take action as in any contractual agreement.

The Term is “fairly and equitability”, this term applies to the HOA not performing up to their legal obligation in exchange for the payment they receive from you as a resident.

 It is the HOA’s responsibility to make sure any management company being compensated is doing the job.

The trailers and homes that need painting in filing 11 are an HOA matter.

I painted my home the same color due to it being time to do so.

I also maintain my landscaping issues as it is in the covenants and does not require nod from the board. If you fail to maintain your property and it causes a loss of value then you have standing. The issue is you must prove it.

The trailer issue started long ago when a resident off of Copenhagen was allowed to keep his camper on his property in direct violation of the covenants for over 10 years.

If you have any silly complaints then call Jamie Allen and stop asking me.

You voted for this LOL.

#1 Take pictures and create a file on each address and date stamp in infraction.

#2 Send the infraction to Jamie Allen via email and keep a file on it by setting up a file for say “HOA’.

#3 Get a response from Jamie Allen to confirm that she received it if she fails to acknowledge it, then call her to leave a message. Lastly sent it via certified mail.

There is a time frame for certain violations. Parking campers or trailers is in violation of the covenants and is a day one offence unless the board has granted a variance to that home owner. Filing 11 homeowners can request that information from the management company and they must provide it to you at no charge so get it in writing not a phone call.

You can request the tax returns for the HOA but you must do so in writing. Send the written request to Jamie Allen. She will be happy to send it.

On maintenance issues, some can be over time like painting but you must provide pictures of the issue. Failure to maintain a property is a covenant violation as it can negatively effect the properties around it.

Dead trees are a violation and you should chop them down. Stalag 11 is kind of hit and miss.

Piles of dog shit on others properties is also a violation. Some dog owners don’t give a shit LOL.

Grass dying is not exactly a violation due to watering restrictions.

Heaving concrete slabs or sunk slabs also a violation.

Trailers parked on a driveway violation.

Vehicles that are in disrepair is or needing paint is a violation but some people get away with it as FOTB’s

If a vehicle is unsightly (paint falling off) or on blocks or taken apart and it detracts from the property value in area then it is a violation. If it is parked on the street then the HOA has no power as the streets here belong to the county.

There was a case in Colorado where a man kept his older model truck in his driveway as it was an “antique” and the HOA refused to “enforce” as it was such an old truck and registered as such. Some residents sued the HOA and they lost due to failure to enforce its own rules. The covenants are suppose to protect property value but then the HOA fails to follow its own rules they too can be held accountable. The money you pay into the fund is payment in exchange for services rendered and as such is subject to the UCC and the CCC. Once payment is tendered under it the HOA is in fact under a contract to perform duties without favoritism.

The quickest way to prove your point is do what I did and get pictures record it.

They voted to spend 4,000.00 on parties to boost the HOA image, how much did the Wrights owe the HOA?


Clockwise from top left – Booking photos of Garrett E. Miller, Caesar R. Goodson Jr., Alicia D. White, Edward M. Nero, William G. Porter and Brian W. Rice. Baltimore Police Department/AP

Booking shots of the 6 charged officers in the homicide of Mr. Gray

Homicide is the ruling in the death of Mr. Gray

The ruling most likely stopped more distrcuction of a city  under siege.

Mr Grays deaths will not go by way of others who perished by the hand of bad law enforcement agents.

Today cooler heads prevailed and some justice will be soon coming.

Click on the attached site to read about it.

I am glad that Mr. Grays family will get to some accountability.


In a what is sure to be evidence at trial I can now tell you Micah Howell AKA Jared Racj64 and Racz64 are the same people. Howell thought it funny to think the following.

#1 He used a fake name in his emails

#2 He would have access to my MPF the one in Korea

#3 He has posted several very lovely negative comments on this site that are under investigation.

#4 This is the guy that you voted  for in the HOA election and Pizzi and the District support, WOW.

This is a guy who is a control freak that plays games and fucks with people as the comment show.

What did I say in the beginning, I study people.

 I am sure his conduct will be a concern for those who get the comments for the great names you made up and the fact that you call your self another name and such. Not only that you want to “Lynch a cop”. I wonder if wanting to Lynch a cop is legal?

EPSO thought you are the better person, LOLOLOLOLOLOLLOOLLLLLLLLLL.

What did I say about Howell? This is the person you thought best represents your and your ideals and thinking LOL.

This is all evidence for trial and I can use it. The DA will be so proud of his star witness.

I told you he came looking for a fight.

Howell you can tell anyone what ever you want about me IRDC.

What are you going to tell them about me that you didn’t tell everyone else.

The fun part is yet to come. You contacted me via email first but forgot I keep mine so keep yours. It is evidence.

To the people who voted for this guy and you know who you are, this tells me your just as bad and corrupt.

This is the person you want on an HOA board.

Howell got mad just as I predicted.

Lets go over some facts, Howell is suppose to be or been this upstanding officer in the Army and yet resorted to some pretty serious name calling in his emails and comments. He went so far as to think that he could post negative passages and the I would agree with him.

The EPSO sure got it wrong but then again they always do.

I wonder if they know Howell wants to “Lynch” cops and hates a certain segment of the population?

Why do people like corruption?

My guess is that hard work is too much and being a pencil pusher more suits their needs. Having this type of character trait is something you learn.

See ya next week.

I washed cars for the police cause that was my summer job and Chief Betro was very happy that I busted my ass. I got the job cause his daughter sat beside me in typing class in high school.

I worked all summer to buy a new bike cause some punks stole my other bike.


When life gives you lemons you go swimming on a beach in Plymouth Mass and laugh it all off. My those whole clams and fish and chips sure hit the spot.

Thanks to Franks of Abington and Tiki Garden for the wonderful Chinese. The Cathy Pacific didn’t disappoint either.

Saltwater sure makes a difference and really cleans of the scummy stuff off I picked up in Colorado.

I remember what makes Bostonians better than the rest of the country.

Can you guess what it is. We can spot users a mile away and the ones who go to church are the worst.

The hardest part was saying goodbye to my mom who told me to stay calm.

Moms know!


I stopped posting raczj64 for a reason and it was his continued name calling which I found most interesting. He sent me a wonderful rant on my comments as to who he is and such. IRDC.

 As for his last rant it was so awesome I saved it for further review just not by me. See Mr raczj64 claims to be prior law enforcement and a few other things on a contract. He also has posted details of my military career that are only found in my military personal file. Of which I choose to go to VA OIG to get some answers on so I can not answer to where they are just as of now. If I am correct then the matter will be taken care of just not by me. The end result will be what I anticipate they will be.

I said I study people for a reason.


raczj64  is a blogger I let post some interesting points until they did exactly what I knew they would do in the end. They showed their true colors. The inability of others to see and experience what I know is boggling to me. You actually can fix stupid it just takes a few generations.

 I said ” I have never had a one on one conversation with law enforcement” implying I have never been interviewed for breaking the law not that I didn’t know any thing about the legal system. A BA in Business management a few legal requirements and a few accounting.
How about blogging to rally support for positive change, suggesting how we might accomplish that change, suggest some alternative, not just point out the system is f$)(&@ up, people are wrong. Quit saying I’m right, they’re wrong,

He took his own comments and reworded it.

His basis of knowledge comes from a book, great! No real world experience.

Quit saying I’m right, they’re wrong,

He clearly say “they’re wrong. Who is the “they’re”?

Blaming others then says I am doing the same thing. Hypocrisy is great.

In fairness he did bring up a great point on my debt situation, which showed me more about who he is and where his thinking comes from. Mr 64 shyed away from points that place blame on others in positions of authority he sides with. He also never commented on facts that proved others were the wrong doers. He also only made points of contention on facts that can be altered. He altered my numbers after I posted them, this is a sign of manipulation by a person who uses it to get the desired result. He wishes to deny or accept the facts as presented by faults of those who create it. This simple observation tells me this person is a person who has a certain  type complex that only inferior people exhibit. This trait is easy to spot and almost always comes with a person who has some type of authoritative position or history. My bet is he is in some kind of position of power. Just an educated guess. When challenged he gets real defensive and angry behind the scenes. Most likely has insecurity issues that manifest it self in a deep seeded resentment from say a divorce and 1-2 kids with a job that can’t be taken away.

In two postings he revealed a lot but I will not post his comments any longer.

I said I study people and I am actually great at it. My professor said I should have become a psychologist.

It is fun observing and reporting on it.

Now I can get back to trees and such.


I am sick of law enforcement killing unarmed Americans for no good reason. The riots are a wake up call for reform. Not every kill, is a “good” kill. The one that really speaks volumes is the one who was executed while running away.  So the cop got charged small consolation for a guy who owned back child support. Well dummy, how is a dead guy goanna pay it back?

By the way those children now have no father.

To the Gray murder, without evidence just another senseless killing.

I am not lawyer but it seems to me that exercising your second amendment right is long over due. If you are not white please do what you have to do to preserve your right to live. Breathing is your birth right not a constitutional right.

Birth rights supersede the constitution. I cant say as I blame blacks for getting upset. The big picture is RWG’s are to blame.

Keep fear alive and let fear mongering do the rest (sarcastic).

I learn everyday that racism isn’t going away anytime soon.

Try to hire people who can see up the road 50 years not pander to a certain segment of society.

Not all cops are good and not all cops are bad. It’s a roll of the dice.

When the race war starts I will be long gone with my family.

Nice Job people lacking color.


I have a need for trees in my back yard if you know anyone with free trees just leave a comment I can dig them up if necessary.

Mexico is a great alternative LOL

A perfect reason to make and keep abortion legal.

If site goes down please be patient. I am seeing issues again, sorry.

This is a free plug to my wellness center, the staff are great and friendly.


Yes Bliss and Gonzalez did attend the hearing and that’s their right in an open hearing.

Yes, I beat Gardner in a trial of sorts, he and Jacks were found to have broken campaign finance laws of the state of Colorado as it pertains to reporting of campaign contributions in the 2014 election.  It should be noted that for the past two WHMD elections did not file their legally required contributions under state law. The fine as I understand is still outstanding and a source of pain for Robert Gardner. He gave legal advise to the Alliance to not file the disclosures claiming harm would bestowed on the RWG’s. The judge reaffirmed it and re ordered him to and he defied it until the last possible minute which as I understand was in defiance of a court order. Jacks testimony is recorded as I was not at the second hearing but she did scream like a victim several times until Gardner and the Judge told her to cut it out. Gardner told my attorney he plans on coming after me so I am awaiting that matter. I will not post it here. I am awaiting the service on it. He is a very vindictive man but funny how he says his advise to shun the law was correct while everyone else has to follow it. He claimed the “Alliance” has no assets so no collection is not possible. That’s one way to skirt paying your debt as he was well aware of when he communicated it to me. I have to file BK to do the same.

Great questions, Tabitha called the dispatch on April 4, 2015 I am unable to load the  audio due restrictions and thanks for asking. It was Sgt. Reed who informed me that Director Peterson told them the letter was in transit from the “attorney”. Great questions. Thanks for stopping by. The ban was not from April 8, 2015 to April 8, 2015 it was from April 2nd to 8th  2015. The post mark on the envelope is noted below and thanks for the great questions and keep asking.

Yes, Woodmen Hills has so called unlimited insurance coverage if an employee were sue them after they left, any employee working under hostel  or  extreme work conditions can go after WHMD and file with the EEOC as has others in the past. EEOC compliants are not subject Open records so only those involved know. Its protects the complainant. You can how ever call and ask for the number and that sits at 4 for WHMD as I was told by EEOC.

The reason it is important is that employees made false claims or statements to deputies knowing they were false at the time made. Nothing personal just what it is. Yes, the letter does establish  timeline and with prior statements made would lead one to easily conclude it was false when made thanks again for your comments. The element of a crime is at the time of statement was knowingly false and done with intention.

Going to the Rec Centers is out,  my attorney wants me to stay clear of the centers due to the criminal accusations in the letter by Peterson until after the trial.

If the letter was “in transit” then it would have been dated prior to the date I appeared at the rec center.

Or the other one was that the “lawyers”, sending it was also a false claim.

Either one is sufficient to be cause for termination as per policy but hey its Ron.

The notice in and of its self is notice of impending action unless otherwise specified. like it did.

Mr. Reczj64 the HOA issue is and will remain an issue. As for the districts matters Pizzi by her own actions and that undertaken by the staff under her direct orders should be a concern to everyone. Simply put she sold us out to the developers and her signature prove it. So if you care to fully read the bonds you will see to what extent the damage she created.

I didn’t send out flyers during the elections calling them felons or convicts. Green, Case and Wiepking did via their employee Jacks.

Mr. Reczj64, thanks for the questions I will post the spoliation notice I sent to BFHS as you are correct I have nothing to lose or hide. You mention a case against Mr. Howell. Mr. Howells issue over his own home is not the concern. If he had issues with others then that’s his issue. I took issue with the HOA/ DRC matters. If that was not part of it then IRDC.

spoliation notice from me

At issue will be all the statements and testimony by the staff as claims made by Peterson will be at issue. They have established claims on my behavior by a group of people who need their jobs so it stands to reason that Peterson and others would write a letter on what I do at the rec centers as it has been done since 2009.

I did ask for those letters and was refused copies of the file prior to me filing any notice.

The spoliation notice I sent was to protect the records as they relate to potential criminal/civil action in that the EPSO still under investigation on the Miller matter. I knew from past experience that WHMD would and has “misplaced or removed information”. The issue is that they have an email policy that allows them to delete all emails in 30 days to include recordings or videos so I wanted to make sure they didn’t destroy it prior to the issue being closed. What is at issue is as I understand it under review. The only fact here is that the claim by Peterson, Barelle and Miller on what has transpired. Also it should be noted that since WHMD was notified they will not produce any such documents I request as per their policy not to release any such information that is potentially harmful in any matter criminal or civil. This is the reason for spoliation. The courts can order the same thing and usually do as it is customary in most matters to protect the evidence that may be subpoenaed.

I asked for those written statements by anyone and Peterson refused.

The goal is to ban me from the district as in 2009 and when I alerted resident on the new contract they are forcing residents to sign it violates their legal rights and you haven’t asked me for that information or are not concerned with it?

My call to attention on it was clear and direct. WHMD wants residents to sign away their legal rights and that that should concern you if you are a resident. Anyway the records I sent to Army command are in their hands if you have information on me then send it to Howells bosses.

Now to answer a question you posed, not wanting to press charges and ones attitude are two different matters. If the young man develops traits at this early stage they will carry over to later life but in the case of criminal V personal charging him for carrying out the what others have done does not solve the underlying issue in the fact that Pizzi has a history of telling staff to stay clear of me an not speak to me. Pizzas known interference in operations was the reason they passed the new policies to prevent what has never stopped. It is when employees who didn’t sign a gag order speak is when I hear of her involvement. Eddie A was clear, Jan has nothing but F-bombs and such during several sessions on me at the West Center about me and told Eddie to get people to vote against the earlier recalls and so did Amy. They made Eddie sign and he gave the emails to others who read the excerpts and were floored. But the issue is her husband was a cop and learned how to go after people. This is one benefit to being a cops wife.

The fact is this;  a call was made to EPSO by WHMD staff in hopes of having me violate my bail. Nothing confusing about that. it was the intent of the board weather they admit it or not that they knew of my bail and choose the path they did.

If I was so violent, how come I didn’t put the both of them on the floor and leave after they both got in my face and got huffy?

They came looking for a response and when one didn’t materialize as one deputy put it they escalated it to get another response. The issue was they admitted the letter was in “transit”.

They came looking again and everyone involved it knew it.

It strikes me as odd, you are only asking questions on my issue and not addressing any on why the tried to set me up? Just curious why?

As soon as I upload  the one I sent them I will post it, on the other questions; the spoliation notice sent was only good until the flyer case was over as to protect any loss of potential evidence by the district and is standard under civil rules of action. The one they sent me is more direct and more specific. The one I sent in response was clear and White is trying to get out of it. The fact is that I did it to protect video and other records that would prove that calls and messages were done on how to deal with the actions by Peterson on April 4, 2015 and to preserve video and written records that they claim to have. It is a precaution that all good attorneys take.

Thanks for stopping by.

Now you are correct in the fact that Howells name is not directly on the filings at the 4th  but the DRC and Filing 11 of which he sits on the board is. He along with others were directly responsible and voted to take action on or against numerous  home owners. Mr. Howell was made aware early on by not only my emails but by the attorney who represented my wife. The lawyers for the HOA made it clear in their own admissions on legalness. The rest is of record, Mr. Howell was on the board for over 3 years yet after several requests did not take a simple action or vote to amend the bylaws to get legal. The civil actions were recorded and done while he was on the DRC/HOA board. He by and though his legal staff and position of authority took those actions knowing what the consequences would be to those he went after. Some choose to fight some choose not to. In all He at anytime could have taken action to get legal.

Now in the interest of fairness I know that going to Howells direct command is a waste of time so I choose a better route and please allow the process to unfold.

Again thanks for coming by.

Now, please everyone just relax sit back and go have a glass of Country Time Lemonade and a fattie if you wish. I have to take one matter at a time.

I gave everyone options and such, what you do from here is up to you.

Here is the records you asked for Mr. Reczj64, and thanks for stopping by.

Please keep the questions coming and I will try to get you the answers I did find a way to off site the CDPHE documents so I can post them once I get them uploaded.

Spoliation Notice and letter from Peterson CC to BHFS

Mr. Recz64 I can not reveal the issue on the complaint as I was asked not to until I get all the comments,and videos by KOAA to them for further inspection. I hope you understand. The fact is this, long before Howell came round he was the one with the negative history or actions he took as a board member while on the board and the records at the 4th judicial district prove that. He was the one who sued homeowners and I often wonder who was stupid enough to vote for this continued type of action. How does the suing of other homeowners bring cohesion? How does intimidating homeowners and fining them bring cohesion? How does taking a home away from a family for 600 dollars show a cooperative anything?  The letters establish what I was asking to do after being forced to get an attorney cause the DRC refused to get “legal” in the years leading up to it. They have the meeting records and admitted during the suit they filed against one resident.

The “Army Code of Conduct” is real specific in that no officer, “shall bring shame or disgrace” upon the Army by either his actions or in the course of duties. The conduct matter is clear. Mr. Howell continued to name call and make negative utterances after the fact. Not my issue. Juvenile delinquent and social misfit is pretty cut and dry.

The DRC/HOA matter is pretty self explanatory and documented. Colorado State elected senators take a dim view of bullies. I may be a lot of things but Mr. Howell already knew it and came a calling.

The simple fact is this

3 very rich men hired a firm and a lawyer to do the flyers in the last 3 elections. These men control the board via contracts and IGA’s or Inclusions. One of them owns the water so to speak and the others got the best of deals that benefit them 100%. The board is merely a bunch of people who then in turn re appointed one of the RWG to the PFA and such other nonprofits to maintain control of the district. The legal aspect is simple. WHMD can not act on any such matter without prior consent or approval by the PFA. Their filings not mine.

If we go BK the money  being saved goes back to them not the homeowners.

Take the time to read the letters of “indenture” and such and see how the bond “deal” fucked each and every home owner.

Mr Gardner was right and wrong, Jack is still in the picture and her along with what I witnessed at the hearing is easy to put together.

Jack was hired by Green, Case, and Wiepking to alter the outcomes of elections due to what Pizzi and other board members told these three men.

Fact mean nothing to people with not morals or scruples.

I was very clear, Jack and Gardner nor the 3 RWG’s will never do another flyer about me again.

Ironic is having to pay Greens employees for doing the flyers. What was funny was Jack and Greens go to girls didn’t have to lie on the flyers to win. The fact was that they used WHMD to win the case.

Please sit tight and relax, I have to take one matter at a time so please allow me to time to focus on the Howell matter first.

So just sit back and relax and enjoy a glass of Country Time Pink Lemonade, and a fattie.


To Mr. raczj64 I have read your comments and I gave it carful consideration so let me point out some documents that I posted here on this site and some I can not load due to shear volume.

The establishment of Benjamin Green in district affairs with records; done. I have to figure out a way to load due to shear volume. I will try to post them on another site then link it to this one. You are correct I hate not posting the 1700 documents I obtained from the CDPHE. But if you care to refute my claim just call them and ask them if I copied them and say hi to Brandon for me. 1-303-692-2000

On 4-24-2015 I received a “spoliation” notice dated 4-17-2015 by WHMD attorney which is precursor to a civil action. In the letter Mrs. White made several utterances via the letter. If you care to read it then by all means take the time to do so.

The second letter was clear my ban was due to two matters one of which I was not aware of but I did do a CORA in February to retrieve any such documentation on it and the letter  is clear, “no records” exist for such matters. In the letter dated April 8, 2015 I took note that the staff and the board were notified via email told to stay away from me due to my current situation In March. The board and Peterson did tell employees to leave me alone as noted by several weeks of no issue and one employee who did tell me that I was not to be interfered with while working out. Petersons kid was the only one to not speak to me for the duration. She was also the one who knows what Miller did and gave a negative (colorful account)  statement about the exchange between me and Miller to the deputies. The recording made by EPSO will be available later.

Two days later I went to the went to the RCW and Peterson and Braille called the deputies after I asked to get some clarification on my ban and Peterson and Braille confronted me at the West Center on April 4, 2015.  They summoned  deputies and accused me for trespassing the deputies took note of my phone recorder and then read me the riot act (very nicely) and were informed by the two that a letter was “in transit” on the suspension as one of the deputies was informed of a recorded statement she made to me two days prior on just leaving for the “day”. Something White knows about and ignored in the spoliation notice. Note; the postage mark appears to show 16th of April 12 days after Peterson told deputies the letter was in “transit”. It should be noted that the letter dated April 8, 2015 was written 4 days later after they lied to deputies about it being in “transit”.

For the record lying to a deputy or giving a false reports is a crime but how come no one is ever punished for committing any crimes?

I will give Bliss a chance to fix the matter as for the recordings they are considered evidence and sent to me by the EPSO records ladies. So if you want to hear it got get a copy. Sorry raczj64 

This is why a recall is needed. Blisses employees made false statements to  deputies about a letter that had not YET  been mailed. Two deputies are witness and I had my phone recorder on.

So should I go the BOCC and let the public know that under Blisses regime that making false statements  to deputies is not a crime or punishable. YES!

Do I need to tell 650,000 tax payers that Bliss condones these actions by the shear lack of punishment for such actions. YES!

Do I need to bring these documents and recording to the attention of everyone in El Paso County to show how Bliss allows employees to lie to deputies for the heck of it. YES!

The districts intent was clear.

I asked Mrs White to tell them to fix the issue and White appears to have turned it into a circus. 6 deputies can’t all be liars.

 Now as you are not aware if deputies are called and one is out on bail the deputies can revoke bond and immediately lock anyone who violates the “terms and conditions”. When Peterson and Braille called them it was with intent and knowledge of knowing that any accusation of a criminal nature (Pizzi told them) would result in immediate revocation of bond.  I did a story on this site you can scroll down to see it.

The “wet behind the ears” and “punk” comment was direct and accurate. What if I told you Mr. All American punched a girl (ex) in the face and gave her a black eye as told to my by  former classmates who knew about it. Or the one where a kid knocked him out in a fight, would that change your perception of him? An employee who came looking to establish contact did so knowing I was out on bail as I posted it here and it was common knowledge. It should be noted that the April 2, visit was my first since the my release.

 As for the HOA matter, it is in writing and not of by my hand. The goal from start to finish was to force the HOA to get legal so why when I asked in numerous meetings and as told to the DRC board didn’t anyone take action in the prior 7 years? Well the legal advise was they didn’t have to and so why do it. The HOA had the ability to fix it since inception and refused. That falls to the HOA not me. The command staff of Carson are very interested in what I  sent them. It predates my Howell issue. It establishes that Howell as an officer of the military may have not acted in accordance what Military policy. I really don’t concern myself but I did establish that Howell did and still makes comments unbecoming an Army officer which is provable with actions he took over time. Well I do not post comments for a reason and the ones Howell posted are clear written and date stamped for the record and establish a pattern of behavior.

Mr. Howell was and is a bully proved by his own actions while on the board.

He left out the negative parts.

The definition of a punk is as follows;


a. An often aggressive or violent young man:
b. An inexperienced young person:

 The “wet behind the ears” comments is an Idiom

young and not experienced; The job put a lot of responsibility on someone who was still wet behind the ears.

The statement is accurate in the fact that Mr. Miller has a lot to learn. He established the day after I gave Peterson mom the POA is dislike with me and rumor has it is upset that Mrs. McDonald quit and as rumor has it was due in part to her refusal to suspend me on orders of Pizzi.

Thanks for posting your comment

As for the other issues you mentioned, blaming Green only establishes his actions in 2007 the rest was up to the “new” board who didn’t take heed from their managers and who got the axe for trying to inform the board that I was correct. Mrs Klinge and others were just trying to follow the law it was the HOA that blew it off. So it only cost me a Restraining order small price to pay to make it legal.


Rumors travel fast and rumor has it that WHMD is pursuing legal action again against me using various current employees to obtain an injunction and a new set of RO’s that they are using the Park and Rec matter where Savanna, Tabitha and others gave statements claiming I violated the new behavior policies to the extent that I am barred then claim that I due to my years of tenure the ban was not made permanent.

You got a bigger problems I don’t suck ass or kiss it. The staff under orders picked this battle, my warnings were ignored. Why would anyone think that Mommy would punish her own kid for lying or her partner in crime. Must be the POA that pissed her off or the numerous other matters I was made privy to by ex employee.

I made it clear, the spoliation notice delivered by BFHS was the warning of future civil action by the district to thwart the recall against the board members as I posted my intent on this site. That is why they ratcheted it up a notch.

The district sent home several employees who claim they are in fear of retaliation  for the suspension after it was Lisa Peterson not Mrs. White who sent the suspension letter and only copied Mrs. White. Mrs. White wanted me to work out our differences but claims that I have past issues with the district. Ya think.

As Howie Mandel would say, “NO DEAL”, your client picked the fight and I warned everyone.

Ask her for my response to that, I left it on a voicemail and outlined my position on it so after I did they sent home employees.


Read the letters on the HOA if you have questions, the request was made to release all the liens placed by the DRC against all homeowners in the filing, Howell left that part out of his attack. He also left out the fact the case did not move forward. He also left out some other vital information but the letters will be turned over to his command as I said they predate the current matter involving him. Mr. Howell left out so many facts of record I just wanted his command staff to read the letters and KOAA stories of what he did to the Wrights.

Your actions spoke louder than words and the icing on the cake are the 20 plus comments you left on this site that I didn’t post showing how vindictive you are and such. The facts are this I did the following and it was not put into any flyer

1. Get legal

2. Release all liens against home owners in the filing

3. Leave the Wright’s alone

The alternative was pursing a civil claim to make Howell do just that.

I am sure that since the letters predate the incident his commanders will see it for what it is and the one I love is Howell making comments unbecoming an Army Officer while on duty.

Ya the commanders will see my history but the nice thing is you sued my wife in retaliation for telling you to get legal and follow CCOIA.

Having Orton blame Green was priceless and dumb as I told everyone here he still controls this place via his boards by altering the outcomes of elections using Jacks who is still has business with WHMD.

Mr. Howell the dates of the letters establishes and predates our issue and it is relevant the situation. You are chums with the same people who are goanna take another shot at me. I am not using any records that belong to me.

The “juvenile delinquent” and “social misfit” comment was a nice touch and I sent it to my attorney and she was happy to see it along with the other ones you sent but I didn’t post.

A am sure your command will be very interested to see you have all this time to post dumb comments on my site.


Today the flyer case came to a close and the honorable Judge McHenry ordered Mr. Pace liable for the 89,000.00 in legal fees for the flyer case.

The ruling was correct and Lynne Bliss was present with Frank Gonzalez.

For those who are unfamiliar, the judge was very correct in his actions. A free speech case is hard and almost impossible to prevail in a 12B motion. Robert Gardner told my lawyer he is coming after me, not a great statement to make by a man who defends child molesters and hides campaign contributions to protect Green, Case and Wiepking.

Hey boys I promise you will never pay for a flyer about me again.

As I predicted I would end up owning the employees of Benjamin Green, John Wiepking and Randel Case the money for sending out the flyers claiming I was a felon, extortionist, stalker, threat to woman and children and many more.

Well I will promise this, Jacks will never do another flyer about me again.

Just another day in court. Thanks to Mark for the effort and

my lawyer was amazed at my non response

I wonder is this the time……?

I stand by my original promise.

Do any employees wish to give me some shit now?

I would not recommend it

I am still out on bail so I must behave

Mrs. White you might want to get the facts of what happened and not what some scorned employees told you.

I posted the facts and that is motive


Update; I just received the letter from WHMD from Mrs. White

The letter of suspension is dated April 8, 2015 and it is clear.

Josh Miller

Savanna Peterson

Tabitha Braille

The employees of WHMD claimed

 I did the following, according to the letter with BHFS’s mark on it,

“extreme misconduct”, and “threatening behavior” and “abusive and intimidating language” toward rec center staff.

for the incident on April 2, 2015 where a wet behind the ears punk wanted a confrontation when I am out on bond.

My posts were clear, do not speak to me as I do not want to be accused of any issues nor spoken to when I exercise.

The rec staff can………. Josh came looking for a fight and we all know about the Petersons and Barelle issues.

Without due process the banned caused by Josh is a …….

The threat to have be arrested is on record by Peterson..

The staff came looking and I was in no position to respond for fear of revoking my bond.

Please be patient, I waited this long to fix this place what’s a prison term to me.

I told the staff to leave me alone and that request was ignored each time.

Mrs. White I warned your clients to stay away from me 5 times on this site and in emails to the board.

That request was ignored

No one has ever been suspended for harassment or any such actions towards me.

The rules do not apply to the staff when it comes to me

The staff violated the employee policies numerous times but who gives a fuck, right.

Well I do. I posted all the actions by staff on this site when they happened so how come they all still have their jobs?

Double standard, huh.

I told deputies what happened and “excuse me please” is not a threat.

 Guilty as charge according to White and Co.

A bunch of kids wanna play games, ok.

I heard a rumor that Bliss and Co. are going after a new set of RO’s

but its just rumors.

You just don’t know when to quit.

Mrs. White, produce the letters or statements you claim on my actions

as claimed by staff as the police report is has yet not been made available.

I was also served a spoliation notice by WHMD for potential legal action by Bliss and Co.

Ok. my response will come soon.

In stead of punishing those who do Pizzi’s bidding you want another crack at it.

Please be patient and I will keep my promise, Mrs. White ever wonder why it was only when I used the West Center that I got shit from the staff?

The rules only apply to me not to Blisses bunch.

Policies are for a reason.

Due process my ass.


On a unrelated note Mr. Howell may have accessed my military records illegally according the OIG. The comments he left will be used for in assistance in my other matter. Thanks for the comments.

Your comments priceless Mr. Howell and very useful, he keeps sending me great items like this one.


What is it like going through life as a juvenile delinquent and a social misfit?

This comment from an Army Warrant officer who I will forward to Army command today, my treat along with the other comments you posted here that I never put on the site.

What Howell, the letters from my attorney were not what you told others in the flyers and prove who you are and then some. The Wrights were victims and you are exactly what I said you are.

The letters establish what I was trying to do “legal” wise for 7 years. The HOA’s own lawyers admitted they were not operating legally and this is what I told everyone. There first order of business was to tell the DRC to get compliant “legal” under CCOIA.

What was it I was trying to do for 7 years? Remind me who the lawyers blame for the issue in the first place, “declarant” Green. So who crazy.



many positions available for

No “ban letter” by WHMD! I have not received the letter from Peterson on the ban. The dispatch call made for criminal trespass is on YouTube. The “letter” never arrived. So I guess the deputies lied, or Peterson/Braille lied.

The fact is simple my entire family 👪 was banned juxtaposition. The proximity key used to access the rec center was disarmed, so the ban was extended to my entire family 👪 as a punch 👊 in the face by WHMD, they could not use the West Center

have still not received the “ban” letter from WHMD but I did get the recording of the call for service by Peterson on criminal trespass

For those who want to see the banishment/disbarment letter from WHMD,  I have not received it as of yet but I will post it when it arrives, as at least 2 deputies (recorded)  say it was in “transit”, must have taken the Mediterranean route?

That letter is priceless

To; friend or foe, I have loaded more documents on the new Park and Rec  and HOA saga, sorry I thought it was still loaded. This virus Tabitha employee sent is wreaking havoc but I am patient.

I guess another issue is servers not up to snuff, sorry. Thanks for stopping by.


Apologies to those who could not download the files I put them at the bottom in single form.

Yes the facts are a hard pill to swallow. I told everyone that I was fighting for the rights vote and it only cost  about 16,000.00, your welcome.

Howell can make all the false online Facebook claims he wants. I will just use documents and victims. The issue was as easy as a vote back in 2007 but alas I was the only one fighting for those rights and Mrs. Klinge was correct, the board just didn’t want to listen. So I had to learn the hard way, well at least you and yours didn’t.

The HOA is spending over 4,000.00 for a party of sorts, I guess using it to assist other residents with yearly assessment was too much of a stretch, enjoy the party.

I have a word



Sorry, yes again.

Can I get a whoooooooooooo Bundy!

I am reloading the files but for now please click in the pile of document as I have loaded and a video for your review, please enjoy and the recall rumors, well you’ll just have to wait and see.

The behavior policy was so Mr. Pace even my lawyer thought you all added the personal touch.

I said if Bliss didn’t cut it out and after she refused to let me open my own account on a property I own via Peterson and Braille.  After she refused to discipline her protected staff for my refusal I guess I would like to take a crack at this one.

First accusation; Refused a disabled vet an account without cause after he provided written proof of change of ownership last year.

The next one will be violation of civil rights to all residents who required to sign the new user agreement that violate civil rights as well as legal rights afforded to each resident.

Did you ever think that the board would pull one like this. Did mention the dress code now in affect at the centers, its the 1950’s all over again but don’t take my word for it go read it on the wall at each center.

The facts are simple. The proof is irrefutable and on record as she passed it in a meeting. My newly formed non-pro will allow me to obtain cheap mailings just like the developers did.

After I show proof not spin then lets see how you get out from under violations of constitutional law.

Hey look, i’m LAUGHING!

The difference is I can use her own resolutions and new rules against her.


Behavior policy, new user agreement and waiver of liability, tax records and HOA documents that are a must read. The truth is just a click away

The behavior policy was just the beginning and was sent to DOLA, SDA, and The Colorado Attorney General and ACLU for inspection

Well on point was the issue over speech and expression.

Bliss and the board took away both and the Ice Queen isn’t going to get out from this one

The other matter (recall)  is all mine and Bliss deserves it for her fine work on being such a great board president and passing the single most absurd act since I can remember.

Proof is what I need and what I have no more no less and to add icing on the cake I kept the emails I sent to the board and on here that I was not to be interfered with due to my bond and you all still fucked with me didn’t ya.

Better get Green your goanna need him or call Jacks she might be available.

This is what the developer envisioned when he pushed the flyers.

I went to the BOCC and they let me speak and a few others were very gracious, so thanks for that.

For those who can not download all the files at once here are the single ones.

Derivative action demand letter.Revised.Mark’s..

goodlock letter

Letter Req Records

Ltr from Woodmen Hills Filing.2

Ltr from Woodmen Hills Filing

Ltr. to Maceau Law 11-13-14 Re Records

WHFN11DRC Ltr 2-3-14.Notice





Recreation Centers – Registration Usage and Liability Waiver


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