My trip to the CDPHE was a hit, well sort of. I learned the following, if you want thousands of documents over a span of 20 years a word to the wise,  bring the following, a piss jar, coffee, hand lotion, and the worlds fastest scanner.

The staff were great and the task is not over, I am going back for round 2-3-4 to get all the documents they have. Unlike a developer controlled board the cost to scan approximately 800 documents today was zip, zilch, zero, and nadda. Beside the large cup of Dunkin Donuts I bought the only other expense was gas. Total cost so far 23.00 for about 800 documents.

I spent just a tad over 4 hours in an office on my own (honor system) scanning the most boring records in history.

Still only 23.00 dollars. Transparency to them means HAVE AT IT, SCAN ALL THE DOCUMENTS YOU WANT. I did ask a question as it related to the newsletter and they are searching for those documents. Brandon was most helpful and didn’t stand over my shoulder and stare at me like a thief.

Note; The records show the EPA as a point of reference so I called them too.

They are pleased as punch a citizen is willing to go the extra mile to learn.


She was so naïve that she thought I was kidding. She said if she treated anyone like that, fired would be the word of the day. As a matter of fact the CDPHE found it strange that WHMD was acting this way. The records are already public and on file. She thought that was “odd”.

JDS HYDRO is front and center on many a report 200-500 pages thick.

I also found WHPFA files. Anyway I was also directed to the fact that the CDPHE also handled water quality and other matters that involve hazmat matters.

I asked for the newsletter “letter” as stated and they are going to get it. As I was told all letters except the ones being used to calculate the fines against WHMD are releasable.


“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

                                                         Thomas Edison




She already has the name
“Makepeace”, Not fear.

Nifty campaign slogan

Hope she can beat out developer money to win

Nice lady and her interview with the Gazette was great.

What’s wrong with Ron, he said something nice about a woman and meant it!

He must be off his meds or slipping his cracker!

My guess EPSO must have beat him over the head.

Its the MMJ, that’s it.


The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please excuse me while WordPress figures out the issues. If you use WordPress you understand. I tried to load a pretty big file of Bent Grass and all went down. So I have to wait a little so be patient.

I will scan the CORA request on the “Tap Fee” request as soon as I get it.

The districts site has only partial Bent Grass information “inclusion agreement” posted.

A fact is a fact so chew on this

while you wait

 Bent Grass files from El Paso County

Woodmen Hills also has changed the CORA process without notice to residents

I have said it before and again.

I am doing a film documentary of exactly how to do a legal CORA

On 3-3-2015 I submitted a CORA and Mrs. LePage just stared a me.

I was wondering why and how now it makes sense.

This was posted on the districts site on 3-4-2015

It would explain the blank stare.

Open Records Process:

The Woodmen Hills Metro District is committed to transparency and open government, and complies with the Colorado Open Records Act, C.R.S. Sec. 24-72-201 et seq.


Following is the process the District has adopted with respect to open records requests.


Open Records Request Process:

1.       Submit open records request to the following

2.       After email has been submitted an appropriate custodian of records will respond to the request according to CORA guidelines.

3.       Please be detailed and specific as possible in your request, so the custodian may search for the records you are requesting.

4.       Please note the 1st hour is free when staff is preparing request.   Following the first hour, charges may apply, in compliance with CORA.


I say call the cops,the law and not Bliss nor its attorney can deny anyone from submitting a request in person that’s pursuant to Colorado Law not Bliss rule.

I am sending this to my friends at the CFOIA for legal inspection then on to the Rep.Salazar for review.

The district apparently adopted a policy that I never received. The real reason is that the crybabies at the office are throwing a tantrum cause they want me bar from the office.

My request for the “adoption” of this policy and a copy of it.

I found no such record on this adoption in the minutes or otherwise.

The standing policy was adopted in June 25, 2014 and to my knowledge and district  records has never been changed. But I guess a letter to district legal and CFOIA is in order. I am also going to send it to Rep Salazar exposing others to our policies.

Here are the standing policies and they clearly state “in hardcopy” to the custodian of record

The submission must be done to the “official custodian” of record as per the policy dated June 25, 2015

I have not been allowed to follow policy to submit the request to the “official custodian”

The official custodian has refused to comply with policy as she with Blisses blessing does what ever the …… she wants with the policies and rules again, seem to not apply.



There is no record of any adoption of any altered policy on the record and the June 25, 2014. The amended documents were altered from its original posting on the site. I obtained a copy before it was augmented by the district. Why?

The original copy had signatures and a new copy of the CORA form which has since been removed.

That transparency is working just fine isn’t it. Until its humiliates the district.

A correction to the Bent Grass agreement/deal. The terms pages and other such additional documentation have been removed from the districts site since the last time I checked in October, 2014 and Tabitha was not being truthful, no surprise there. The Bent Grass information has been removed by the district. Why? I remember, the truth hurts.

If the “documents” support the districts version of events, then how come they don’t post them online to make their point on the newsletters? The truth is they do not put the district in a good light. I said it then and now if I am wrong I will say so but they haven’t proven me wrong yet.

The Bent Grass “agreement” is no longer posted as of 3-4-2015.

I have some information from the County but it is basically partial information  so I am requesting it via the transparent district office LOL I know, I know.

But I feel pretty good about my chances of being lied to or over charged by the super duper “transparent” board.

I submitted for the full Bent Grass deal that Tabitha stated prior was posted online in person (recorded earlier) conversation at the district office.

Thanks to Sony for being the one an only.

Here are the CORA requests I submitted today

Bent Grass CORA and CORA for CORA policy adoption submitted 3-4-2015

If you have to tout being “transparent” then you are not being transparent.

The Bent Grass files are not subject to privilege or work product as they are already in effect. I did get the stink eye from one employee when I submitted my request today. Maybe she is having trouble with me submitting request in person. Home depot is hiring.

A current employee told me when I enter the district office an alert goes out on radio to other employees. Don’t worry your identity is safe with me and thanks for the heads up.


An addition to a Rec Center which is flat out dumb and costly and does not prove it can improve property value (more propaganda). I dunno maybe lowering the bill so other families can sell their homes at a good price instead of everyone knowing the avg bill is 175.00 here and else where its not.

It’s not the amenities that improve property value as claimed by the CRA.

Rule #1 Location, Location, Location.

Rule #2 Cost

Rule #3 Curb Appeal

Rule #4 property maintenance

Ya keep the agenda going until you get the community you want. LOL.

Empty the pool and put in a weight room for all to use total initial cost 475,000 in capital expense another 75,000 to cover the pool and put up a partition to divide the pool area.

ROI in 16 months. A maintenance agreement for the equipment 10,000 to 15,000 per year.

Cost saving to customers and residents no more money down the drain ( joke)

Ya know what I never see the board members utilizing the facilities, that’s cause they got members ships to Villa Sports so what does that tell ya.

You all don’t make sense anymore. Tom foolery will not win out.