More Deceitfulness by the Board?

Update on the compliance order from the state;

Did Woodmen Hills fail to post the order so people of the district could comment on it in a public forum that that was held at CDPHE? If so this is what sneaky, sleazy, underhanded un convicted criminals do. The district didn’t post it cause it was an embarrassment and humiliation so they kept it quiet and the deputies of El Paso love sneaky liars so it goes hand and foot. This why Lynne has a personal favor called in to EPSO, you didn’t think I knew about it.  The so called “transparent” board and its directors intentionally withheld a public posting so no one would show up to it. What do Hillary and Bliss have in common? Everything.

CDPHE informed me that this matter should have been posted everywhere so others could comment on it in public session as the order shows.

Lynne “gimmie some sin” Bliss is a “go to girl”.

Yes, the areas for drainage are filled with trees and bushes and such. The district has failed to maintain a simple drainage area near their own office. But they sure do collect those weekly checks. Those obstruction just grew over night, right?

I will post the picture I took of it.

The ponds and spill ways are suppose to be clear of any obstruction.

All this on Lynne’s watch .

I am posting the steps for a recall as I find 170,000 reasons and the reappointment of Green after he knowingly violated his own articles of Inc. in interfering in several elections than having Bliss and him knowing he broke the rules and policies.  Woodmen Hills denied me the actions of enforcement to remove a board member (PFA director) for cause as the PFA articles show in writing exists. The directive says “any such action in violation of these articles is grounds for immediately removal by the sitting board”.

Violation of “Article 4” has been done 3 times.

The next meeting will be fun.


General Petraeus got hit with a criminal charge for a file and Hillary gets to skate on her lies. Ya the two party system is here alright.

A 4 star general gets smacked in the face and a criminal record for classifieds files no one saw and Killery wipes out her files and lies straight up and she gets a pass.

Who the fuck is running our justice system, Pee Wee Herman?

She flat out broke the law and cause she has friends in all the right places she gets to walk like the Ludlow liar.


The New Falcon Herald didn’t run this story, why?  Cause you can’t put spin on this and were they told not to?  Why else when the facts are black and white would a local paper dedicated to journalism not print a story that affects so my people in the community not only health wise but in the wallets. Developer and business influence, that’s why.

As I said before if it puts Woodmen Hills and developers in bad light you will never see it in her paper. The mess didn’t happen over night and it took a real news agency of the upmost integrity to get it to viewers and why the board canceled the meeting the month it was reported as they were cowards who pose as board members and the reporter was coming to get answers and Green may have ordered them to stand down.

The public humiliation fest is too much for “the sin” to handle and the EPSO may have had to hurt residents who asked questions, a real stinky situation I would say.

Lynne “I live in sin” Bliss was aware of all the infraction but thru control of CORA denied the release of records that implicated the responsible staff she says are……… just dreamy.

This time they blame the “temperature”, well thousands of other Waste Water Facilities operate in Colorado and they aren’t being fined the amount WHMD was under Lynne “the sin” Bliss tenure.

This is what shites creeks smells and looks like and we live in it.

Guess who handles our infrastructure……….?

WHMD took on additional responsibilities (shit) and now our capacity is reaching maximum levels.

So technically speaking, Woodmen Hills is full of ………. Literally.



CDPHE has spoken and the fine was 170,000.00 under  the Lynne Bliss tenure and Gene Cozzilino the districts golden boy isn’t so pure as the shite hits the fan so to speak.

In a written “order”  by the CDPHE Gene proves he’s not the man and yet the excuses keep on piling up like the shit in the ponds and the lack of maintenance . Now residents are on the hook for 170,000.00 but who cares the board certainly didn’t or tell you now did they. Transparency is lose term like …….   Gene got a new truck for his effort and a honorable mention in the newsletter of how hard the staff are working all that hard work paid off now didn’t it. The residents will pay for it alright.

If you read the order its more like an agreement that by the way was suppose to be twice as much according to CDPHE sources. The CDPHE was contacted by WHMD legal during the process to save face and to prevent as the letters clearly shows “no admission of guilt”. The fine is the guilt.

In case you get hurt walking on the trails that need serious repair, Lynne the board president and commandant passed a policy that holds WHMD harmless if you smash your face on the walking paths that need replacing. Just another board member who takes orders from the …. himself.

I guess they didn’t read the CDPHE report.

Woodmen Hills COC _EM 3-12-14_

Below is the Environmental Protection Agency and WHMDs files

The district is in the process of forming a  new nonprofit that a district director released in a request for PFA records the newly formed nonprofit might be  called the  WHWWTP I have to search the files for the correct name.


The best way to get corruption in the open is to get national attention as others do. The media will do the rest.

“Bullying is the repeated, intentional harm of another person who has less power than you do,”

The definition of power is as follows; The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events:

Which waste of a good Saturday afternoon fits the bill.

For those keeping score the developer’s and their boards have what exactly?  They use local law enforcement agency to get the assist on request of Randy, Benji and John.

I didn’t forget you boys, please be patient.

Which other board members fits the bill?


Pizzi delivery took no a whole new meaning of extra pepperoni, LOL.

Mr. Donald unlike other crooked, corrupt, pretend candidates you sir hit the nail on the head today and told one commentator to “go back to Univision”. Well good show sir. The man was spewing off at the mouth and Trump actually shut him down and made a valid point.


The issue here is all those fun loving governmental employees who move like a three toed sloths . The wheels of government slow to a crawl when actually put to the test.

Mr. Trump your banter is correct. The issue as you hit it on the head is

Government is Broken and has been since 1980

If you get to be the big cheese hire better management and fire the incompetents.

If you have real management unlike our train wreck of a group then you can get the train rolling and in a short time will accomplish what several other failed commanders couldn’t cause they refuse to tackle the truth avoiding the issue as a political move.

You hit the nail on the head and while your at it collect the tariff money due from all the jobs being sent over seas as compensation for doing it.

Then try to collect the uncollected royalties from oil sales from the major companies that go uncollected (more political trash).

Don’t worry about Hillary she is pretty much toast after destroying evidence like our own local farce.

The fact is Trump is not a politician and he is exactly what is needed. He cant be bought like our own sellouts for a 100 dollar board seat.

For all the bending over the boards have and voting to make residents pay for your W/C insurance  you should file W/C claims for on the job injuries suffered as a result of all the …… with developers. Knee injuries are also common among current members. I bet arthritics is a real concern for the older ones, that right there is a claim.


18 U.S. code 2071 (a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.


Woodmen Hills hires non-convicted criminals to do its dirty work both in the office covering for Green, cooking the books and by the use of contractors.

Preface; when you call Jacks she will tell you what you want to hear.

I will respond when the time comes and WHMD will forever be changed for the better.

WHMD mainly Janice Pizzi, Lisa Peterson, Lynne Bliss and Co. hired Jacks as a contractor who knew she admitted under oath to getting records from WHMD staff. She also let it out that “one” person was responsible for assisting her. The other two plaintiffs were shocked when they heard it.

Wanna guess who that person was?

Matt Arnold discovered that Gardner was paid by Green who hired Jacks then made threats. The only one who made threats was Gardner to protect his BFF.

Jacks works for Schooler and ASScoiates. The group who is aligned with D-49. It was Brad Scheppy who verified that in a tape recorded meeting I had with him.

I warned everyone who these non-convicted criminals are.

They call themselves “Republicans”.

When Green via his employee and lawyer put a lien on this house…. it was their down fall.

Since I know EPSO is on orders to fuck with me at anytime I wanted a record of it.

When they threatened my kid and didn’t put it in the “official” report that proved to me that criminals wear badges too.

My son identified the deputies who threatened him and called him a liar.

When a jury asks me why I will tell them why.

Mr. Green you started this to protect your money and position in WHMD.

You can thank Eddie A for the assist on who was Greens helpers.


The full story of Bob and his girlfriend/contractor for Woodmen Hills as hired by the board of directors in 2013 to flat-out lie to people and “ease the pain” of a water rate increase. Janice Pizzi (Benji’s go to girl) signed the Jacks contract it takes a lying thief to know a lying thief.

You said one you don’t use people but the truth is you use people like toilet paper like the way you had those punks that got in my face at the rec center and told the …… I was trespassing and lied to them about the letters. We hire criminals and put lip stick on them and call them employees. Question, If am wrong where are the tuff guy husbands to defend them? Bliss and Co. started a fight they cant win.

I cant wait till this months meeting of Greens employees.


Woodmen Hills hires non-convicted criminals and the proof is here and Bliss knew it all along as did the New Falcon Herald but they refused to report on it as it reflects poorly on their most generous benefactors and developers who pay the bills. See the NFH had the proof along and choose not to print it. Must be nice to have a newspaper in your …….


The Lawmaker is a Lawbreaker? Rep. Bob Gardner loses Campaign Finance Complaint, fined nearly $10,000


The Lawmaker is a Lawbreaker?

Rep. Bob Gardner loses Campaign Finance Complaint to local elections integrity group, Campaign Integrity Watchdog

In a ruling released on Friday, 8 August 2014, Campaign Integrity Watchdog achieved a victory for integrity and accountability in campaigning, as a sham “social welfare organization” claiming tax exemption was held to be a political committee violating the Colorado Constitution and state statute (the Fair Campaign Practices Act, or FCPA).

The self-styled “nonprofit” group, Alliance for a Safe and Independent Woodman Hills (ASIWH), was held to have violated campaign finance law by not registering as a political committee and for failing to disclose contributions and spending as required by law in their vicious, smear campaign, character-assassinating attacks on a Republican candidate for a special district election.

State Representative Bob Gardner was the attorney (and registered agent) for ASIWH.  He is term limited from his El Paso County seat in House District 20, and also serves as the El Paso County Republican Party Attorney.

 “It is a good day in Colorado when the law is upheld and lawless individuals are brought to account for their actions,” said Matt Arnold, plaintiff in the case with his organization, Campaign Integrity Watchdog.  “Despite repeated delay tactics, non-compliance with court orders, and personal smears, the law won out and lawbreakers have been brought to justice.”

To date, CIW has not lost a case at trial. Mr. Arnold would like to see this happen more often.

“The intent of Colorado’s campaign finance reforms, while noble, had the opposite effect.  Rather than increase transparency, they often drive money underground.  If no one holds these lawless apparatchiks to account, they will continue to get away with dirty pool politics.  One purpose of Campaign Integrity Watchdog is to do just that—hold the lawbreakers to account, which helps clean up Colorado’s political discourse.”

ASIWH has been fined just under $10,000 for their failure to file as a political committee and failure to disclose campaign contributions and expenditures, as required by law.

Additionally, Mr. Gardner is currently under investigation for various alleged violations of the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct (CRPC) regulating attorney behavior, and both Gardner and his close associate Sarah Brittain Jack are under investigation by the IRS for alleged tax fraud/tax evasion associated with the case and their organization.

 OS 2014-0006, 0009, 0011 FINAL AGENCY DECISION

Lawbreaking Lawmaker Loses Again

Lawbreaking Lawmaker Loses Again

Serial campaign finance lawbreaker (and sore loser) Rep. Bob Gardner suffered yet another loss this week when his groundless and vexatious complaint against Campaign Integrity Watchdog Director Matt Arnold was rejected by the Colorado Supreme Court.

Gardner, failing in his attempt to disqualify Matt Arnold and CIW from prosecuting Gardner’s ‘ASIWH’ organization for multiple campaign finance violations (and losing the case, incurring penalties of nearly $10,000), levied false accusations that Matt Arnold was engaged in the unauthorized practice of law (a potentially serious infraction that, if true, could result in substantial penalties or even jail time).

The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel, OARC (an office of the Colorado Supreme Court) rejected Gardner’s spurious claims and affirmed that “conduct by Mr. Arnold does not constitute acting in a representative capacity to enforce the rights of third persons in campaign finance matters.”

“Mr. Arnold and Campaign Integrity Watchdog are not enforcing private rights or seeking a remedy for a private loss.  They are advancing a public claim.  This fact is not altered even if money is paid to encourage the filing of the claim.”

The OARC, however, continues to investigate Gardner’s own unethical actions and multiple violations of the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct (CRPC) governing attorney behavior.



The term is not racist, the idiots mischaracterizing it are attempting to use the liberal media (like Bliss does) to garner support and project Trump as a tyrant!

Thank you Mr. Trump for making the extremely liberal media focus on facts.

For every job sent over seas or taken by someone here illegally that job is not available to the legal citizen who earned a legally.

If being a racist means bringing back 30,000,000 jobs to America then count me a super racist!

The term is not “illegal Immigrant”, it is “illegal Alien”

If your first act is committing a crime to come here that makes you criminal. Duh!



Woodmen Hills has its own female president who destroys files and hides facts

from Americans, she was already bought and sold several times, can you pick which one it is?

Both infringed on 2nd amendment rights and abuse of power. They both get paid to……

Both targeted citizens who using rate payer funds and both flat out lie on a constant basis to protect the facts.

Both are liberals deep inside. One got employees to file false charges against a resident but failed, again.

Lynne Bliss conspired (assisted) helping WHMD make countless felonious claims then got EPSO to do the dirty work and failed each time.


Brought to you by the makers of Trojan Brand, because some mistakes cant be fixed…..

Mr. Green I am busy right now but I know you helped Micah Howell so go see any judge you want and tell them I said, Hi.

As I said before if any law enforcement “armed” puts you in a position to fear for your life and preservation is all you have left then dam it preserve it.

Being in law enforcement means enforcing laws not shooting practice for the ill tempered and poorly trained.

Now the truth, these people take jobs that they know are inherently dangerous to begin with and are insecure or show insecurity by posturing on the job. These people should be weeded out during recruiting such is never the case.