CORA with answers that begin to fix one problem

As I have stated in recent dealings with Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District, it stuck me as odd that the district has no “contract for service” that obligates owners to pay for any services that they do not utilize.

The one big one is Park and Rec to name one. As the PUC instructed me to do is file for records that relate to a “contract” for service with the title 32 Quazi municipal government or as listed in state records “enterprises”.  The PUC says a contract for service must exist to “obligate” users to agree to certain terms for service for utilities or other “services” if consumers are required to pay for services not rendered. If owners can show no contract obligating each one to pay for and enterprise then civil remedies can be sought.

No one to my knowledge ever signed any such agreement to pay for Park and Rec or water and waste water. The bonds only obligate the district to pay back the debt not each owner or resident but if this not the case I invite the legal counsel to prove me wrong. I find it fascinating that we sign for electric, phone, cable, trash, and other “services” but nothing in writing shows an by “virtue” buying home obligates each owner to pay a fee for Park and Rec service only 6 % use.

The scanned files and documents are here for you to read and interpret. I have said in the past I never signed for “service” or to pay for fees for any such service out side of the fact that we pay for water and waste water. The letter is to the point and actually correct in the answer so excuse me if I double take.

If anyone wants to go to planet fitness they sign a “contract” obligating consumers to pay for services.

When Woodmen Hills changed the “User Agreement” it made me stop and further investigate it. If Woodmen Hills in the response says the following then it raises some serious legal issues.

The following is part of the response I received and yes the 2 bucks for PFA stuff is nothing.

 The district does not have any records to fulfill your request, as the district does not have signed contracts for service. Residents are required to pay for service by virtue of living in the district (Woodmen Hills Custodian of Records)

CORA response to records dated November 20, 2015



Elected official Micah Howell an officer gone rogue like his HOA counter parts

Now Pizzi tells me to move out of Woodmen Hills in her latest comment.


In comments posted by a rogue officer of the Army soon to be stationed here in Carson in February, 2016 who lives in this house (pictured below) at

12210 CRYSTAL DOWNS RDAs requested by so many here is a picture of a home you should stay from.

The elected official for HOA filing 11 has stated clearly and concisely that Benjamin Green has nothing to do with my current legal situation, he took monetary assistance from Benjamin Green in the form of flyers and campaign assistance  then met with him to map out my demise bright future LOL. did I leave anything out Howell?

The truth is Green is a big part of the cause of my current legal situation. Howell is just defending his “wealthy” sudo buddy.

The facts are this, in 2010 developers and investors of Woodmen Hills received information from Janice Pizzi and other board members that a resident would not play in the sand box well so on information provide to them via Woodmen Hills records the developers endorsed 4 candidates for 3 board positions. Frank “the tank” lost out.

Sarah Brittan Jack was hired to do the flyers by the “wealthy men” The men included Randle Case and now dead Gerald Olesh of the PFA and one of the original developers of WHMD.

In the 2012 Case and Green were the featured contributors who employed a “hired gun”  and known “tax cheat” Sarah Brittan Jack and Robert S Gardner who were hired to conceal the identities of these “wealthy men” developers and owners and investors of a little known development known as Bent Grass by intentionally failing to file campaign finance reports as required by state law for the entity known as
“The Truth Squad”. The statue of limitations had run out on filing the legally required reports so these “wealthy men” got away with murder so to speak via Jack and Gardner legal counsel and advisor to Jacks.

Then comes 2014 and the shit hit the fan, after learning that I could file a compliant with the Secretary of State prior to the “wealthy men’s” GOP pal getting elected to the SOS Wayne “the worthless” Williams. I and others got to Jacks who fell apart on the stand to the point she started screaming like a  victim and was ordered to cut it out by the judge who didn’t buy her story and even after a judge ordered then re-ordered them to file Gardner the lawyer told Jack on the stand to refuse to answer the question put to her on “who are the alliance contributors. Gardner told the judge it would “chill” an ordinary man over 10 times but the judge didn’t buy it and ordered Jack to surrender the checks and names of the Alliance contributors then file the “long over due” report. Gardner basically told the judge he was going over his head and file to deny the release of  the names in Appeals court. Gardner then withdrew it after it was discovered he would lose anyway. Pissing off a judge not a good idea.

What came of it was the “Alliance” was found guilty of violating the law and fined almost 10,000  something Howell omits from his banter. Howell and his esteemed rouge bunch also forgot one real fact.

No Green

No Case

No Wiepking

No Jacks and Gardner

No flyers

No civil action

No money owned.

Howell missed “common sense” 101

He also claims he has been walking by my home, not according to my video footage and cameras. But thanks for the tip.

Mr. Howell is defending his new sudo daddy like his predecessor Pizzi and Co. has done for 7 years.

The difference is Howell crossed a line cause he knows his Pals at EPSO will have his back. Correct me here EPSO is a “responsive agency” not a “proactive” agency.

Mr. Howell should be glad if his commanders know what is going on as Howell told the court his command supports his actions and is aware of it. Just conveying what was said in court.

I doubt it. Generals don’t tolerate shit in any form, they flush it down the toilet.

No matter how Howells spins it he showed up to my home, and stopped walking, sued plenty of home owners and forced out one family in the darkness for fun, then he and Killme celebrated into the night afterwards (my opinion). Killme even made comments on all the money the HOA was taking in on the new tenets under contract at a meeting I personally attended check the sign in.

Pizzi claims for the millionth time “everything I say is……

She says my comments are false so lets recap

The facts,

She met and continues to meet Green

She received assistance from Green for elections

She has been in contact with Green over the last 7 years

She is a proven track record of using employees 15+ and counting

She met Green recently with Killett, Howell

Cast the first vote to re appoint Green to the PFA

Green hired Jacks who admitted to being a “hired gun” for “wealthy men”

Hired Jacks then hid it from the public for months.

Assisted 3 employees to file ROs in 4th judicial district all failed.

Those wealthy men paid close to 100,000 to control elections.

Do I need to go on?

Pizzi like I said being Greens inside informant must be exhausting

Going Green will not benefit you at all. As the saying in the song says

“Stand by your man”

 As for proof the documents have been filed and the claims can be proven but stop trying to act like a 3rd class detective. If you want haul me into court and let me prove what I said under oath do it right now. Better yet when you get your subpoena to appear don’t have White quash it to save your tired old……. Just like Evan did before.

It must be hard living in fear of the unknown

On a side note

The truth isn’t mine it is in files records and documents on record everywhere.

Mr. Howell can get the state witness statements anytime he wants.

Howell get it straight I called the #$%#$$# you told them a great story

See you soon.

CORA 101

In a slew of postings over the years I have challenged how Greens district is coughing up in formation. In recent weeks I made a request for documents.

  1. Any such written agreement for service signed by new home buyers in Woodmen Hills. This includes any and all written contracts or written agreements to provide service from Woodmen Hills. Specifically any such signed agreement between new owners and the Metro District that obligates new owners for service.
  2. PFA files, records, financials, and governing documents of the entity.
  3. Bank statements for the PFA.

The request is for all electronic files or paper files now in the position as stated in the 990’s filed by the PFA to the IRS showing Lisa Peterson as the “custodian of records”

Jan Pizzi has been interfering in this process with Peterson, this is against the law.

All responses will be posted here. To remind everyone Green has been helping Pizza, Howell, and Killett. He is also in charge of Woodmen Hills infrastructure pursuant to the PFA articles of Inc. as voted on by Bliss, Pizza, Gonzalez, Kreps, and Porter.


HOA new law house bill 13-1277/ Owners have legal rights, Howell, Killett, and Pizza keep getting marching orders from Benjamin Irwin Green, Sorry Jan everyone knows your his special “go to girl”. Pizzi can’t even deny the connection, the truth hurts doesn’t it!

Update; 11-24-2015 message received from Orton Cavanaugh and Holmes

The board of directors for filing 11 is putting together a response to my concerns and I shall post it as soon as I get it.

Update; a message from DOLA  from Pete Kitsos customer service specialist for DOLA.

In regards to the conversation we had earlier I was NOT able to find any Community Association Manager License for the following Names;

Mychele Brothers

Jamie Allen

Let me know if you have problems or questions.

Pete Kitsos

Customer Service Specialist                                                                                              Division of Real Estate                                                                                                   Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Continue reading

Woodmen Hills tighten the screws on CORA once again


In a resolution passed under Commandant Bliss during the current regime of Woodmen Hills the following was signed by the Commandant herself.

The newly adopted revision of  WHMDPRRP adopted on March 26, 2015 and signed into effect on March 24, 2014 by heir Commandant Bliss. Yes the date she signed  was 2 months before she was elected in the election, I know, I know.

Commandant Blisses newly adopted WHMDPRRP (Cora)

Issues of notable illegalness is the one on page 2 section C Submission of Requests sub section (4) which states,

A deposit is required , the request is not considered received until the deposit is paid

Ok, you see it right? The commandant says publically that NO submission is considered received until a deposit is received by the staff.

Ok for some Boston intelligents lacked by others, how is anyone suppose to know how much the deposit will be if the district and the commandants staff have no idea of the cost associated with the request if the district will not process the request without a deposit? Continue reading

Woodmen Hills Board member reveals her HATE and seals her fate

In a stunning change of events, Greens “go to girl” tried to resign from the HOA board election after admitting she did it out of spite to keep another candidate off the board.

Janice “Ludlow Liar” Pizzi in stunning fashion tried to self exit right after the HOA election was tallied. She tried to resign right after winning a seat, telling a stunned room of people she only did it to “keep Pace from being elected” , the board president was not happy after she admitted as much to him. She told everyone she didn’t want the seat to begin with. Then conjured up as mythical story of bigger plans for the Woodmen Hills board and a “new” position soon and due to “new” board matters that suddenly came up she didn’t want the position.  The revelation was stunning and another shameful act by Greens “go to girl”. Afterwards she recanted her claim after it was discovered she could not give up her seat to the third place candidate from the HOA president.

The board president says there has to be an “appointment” to replace under the rules adopted  by the Killett and Howell.

As one person put it;

“this is the most disgusting act by a candidate in my 30+ years running for elections”. “Why did she run if she wasn’t going to stay, this means she lied to everyone about her intentions from the start”.



Continue reading

Colorado Secretary of State intervenes in campaign finance fight to save the political career of Gardner and Jacks.

Just in;  as reported to by the OAC this motion filed against Robert Gardner and his longtime pal Sarah Brittian Jack of Sarah Brittian Jack and Associates darling of the HBA and provider of “services” to old “wealthy” men plus known tax cheat (see here)

Sarah Jack tax files as filed at the El Paso County clerk and recorder by the IRS for a tax lien

Motion for perjury and contempt filed at the OAC


Click on the link below to read the story and my comments Continue reading

This is the home where a family used to live until Howell and Co. took it away

HOA candidate and Army Warrant Officer Micah Stevenson Howell soon to be re-stationed on Fort Carson used a “Super Lien” to put a family out for 600.00 dollars. An Army Warrant Officer stationed at the mountain post put 5 children and two Adults in the street to fend for themselves is coming back in February, 2016

The Howell’s celebrated her husbands accomplishments with him, rumor has it HOA candidate and Army Warrant Officer Micah Stevenson Howell bought her a diamond ring in celebratory fashion, but it is just a rumor.

Candidate Howell also used the summer picnic to celebrate his power and dominance over owners in this yearly celebration where his hired employee Joshua Killett was paid thousands of owners assessments money to put up bouncy castles in honor of the big win. You remember Killett, he was the man on the red clown cart distributing flyers with the help of Woodmen Hills employees.

I am sure Army Command at Carson are proud of the accomplishment of one of its own.

I am sure every officer on Carson is on an HOA board and has sued over dozens residents and falsified a deputy reports.

Tell the Generals yourself at this email below of all the positive accomplishment of Army Warrant Officer Howell has made in court against owners and lets not forget his greatest accomplishment of foreclosing on a family for 600.00 dollars.

Meet Howells old and soon to be bosses by all means share your Howell experience with them


MG Ryan F. Gonsalves

Division Commander

4th Infantry Division & Fort Carson


Brigadier General (BG) James J. Mingus

Deputy Commanding General

4th Infantry Division & Fort Carson


Brigadier General (BG) Timothy J. Daugherty

Deputy Commanding General

4th Infantry Division & Fort Carson

Candidate Howell said one of these generals is fully aware of what has transpired with one of there own. Ok then there is no harm or foul of putting up the names as  Howell claims they are “aware” of Army Warrant Officer Howells “exemplary conduct” and actions “becoming and officer”. By the way the husband was an Army Captain himself.

HOA candidate and Army Warrant Officer Micah Stevenson Howell illegally used a trademark on his flyers from the Wounded Warrior Project and says “no ones contacted me yet” as his answer for having permission. WWP says he didn’t have it. Howell says his Generals are aware of his actions. Ok then there’s on harm in posting it here.




Mr. Howell false claims now in writing

Army Warrant Officer Micah Howell makes spurious claims on my other site of “assault” charges, Mr. Howell knows right well what issue was were then asserts spurious charges. I like when an officer just throws out false accusations knowing what the truth is, his mother must be proud of him.

Posting from Mr. Howell on my other site

To be fair I was and still am laughing at all the mis-information being cast out by a person life form who claims to have integrity who people vote for. Just think if you vote for him you know your children and wife and husband have a 1-25 chance of being sued if you live in filing 11. As I said get really good liability insurance cause Howells history is to sue not brag.

Mr. Howell I still stand behind the issue here, I asked for “ballot boxes” to be placed in Courtney and Courtney last year and now. It was you and the filing 11 board who refused to use them after voting not to.  How you misinterpret simple things is astonishing. The second issue is the pass certain owners are receiving for trailers, trash and other violations. I said it now and then, FTOB’s are getting passes. You confirmed it in a posting on the other site with your own comments.