Mr. K is out and the Donald is in all that is left it to get rid of “IT”



Mr. Kasich just read the cost of the WWTF plant right before stepping down

And then there is one,  I said Trump would be the nominee but now an even more evil force is standing in the way of wall building, strengthening our military back to pre Obama levels and rescinding 300 executive orders. That’s right the man with a “plan” and “great People” Mr. Comb over himself.


Only thing standing in his way, and without further adue “IT”


Mr Trump before you build the wall you might want to make sure she isn’t elected so millions of Americans can get over the border after she is elected


After she is elected the United States can change its flag to this cause it will be all over



Cherokee manager out!

Today at 1300 Shawn Chambers the long time manger for Cherokee is gone. The board voted 4-0 to remove him. More later. . apparently sources at Cherokee left messages on this site at 1315 informing me the manager was escorted out of the building by the board. I was not an eye witness but did confirm the board did go to his office to remove him. The board of Cherokee took action and to correct an issue not wait for a developer to tell them to. The employee who spoke under terms of anonymity  says he failed to do the job and the board was not going to pay his severance package. The source said current employees of Woodmen Hills have enquired about open spots in the last week.

Unrelated note; over 75 voters asked me this question and I will post the response right here. Gene said he could not tell over 40 voters the cost of the plant and it is here in the document he himself submitted to the State and County. Gene knew the truth and flat out mislead voters and no one blinked an eye.

Click on the hyperlink to the file to read the document Gene himself not only reviewed but went over with JDS Hydro before submitting it as per Woodmen Hills minutes 2015


And the dominos will start to fall

I just can’t get over the part ” You never had it so good”. That would be something that Jan and/or the district would say.

Well let’s see:
Days at Widefield when Larry was District manager there:
Larry/board paid a employee to stay home and take care of his family as his wife was fighting for her life at the hospital and didn’t charge the employee vacation or sick time for it and he did the same for me when my son was in ICU for a month. They treated us as family. They took care of the employee.
Woodmen hills- seems like as soon as your back to work after being sick for one day the first thing they say is you need to fill out a request for the sick day.
Widefield- we had snow days and also Larry always telling the employee if the roads are too bad to drive in don’t risk it just call your supervisor and let them know and we’ll take care of it
Woodmen hills- if you don’t show up you have to use a sick or vacation day. They day of the blizzard we had there. The roads/weather so bad you couldn’t see where you were going having to dart across intersections hoping no one hit you. I told Gene how bad it was getting out there and it he didn’t seem to care. Well I used vacation hours and went home because I was not gonna risk my life driving around woodmen hills. Two employees got stuck because they almost hit a parked car that was abondoned they got stuck and as one of the employee was trying shovel to get the truck unstuck they were almost hit by cars coming within inches of them. Risking employee lives and Gene made them stay still quitting time. ” now stupid is that”.
And how about a text message where Gene said he will pay overtime and they called employees in to shovel and do checks only to find out that your not Getting the overtime and screwing the employees. So instead of getting 4 hrs of overtime they got paid regular pay the same as the other employees who got to stay home and do nothing.
Don’t worry fellas I’ll take care of you and make sure you guys get paid as I have filed a complaint with the state and gonna have it investigated since Gene/district won’t take care of it.
Jan, what did you say. I never had it so good.
The place is not being run like a distinct as I’ve have mentioned. You and the board ruined Woodmen hills by setting up Larry to get rid of the District manager. All top notched districts have a district manager. And Lisa you remember way back I told you this place will never work with a board running it. Too me I was right. Stay tuned for more tomorrow. It’s getting late.

Never had it so good. Haha




Oh you want to start on me ok Jan lets get it on. Your probably this biggest problem with the district. Yes it’s true my son is sick with a disability. Every time I stay home with him I use sick days or vacation day for it which I have earned working there. You know I’ve been there 8 years and you know nothing about me. As a past president and still on board that is running the district now you guys don’t even know the people that work for you. I don’t have a wife. Never been married. If you think I am lying about any of this I’m am posting I tell you what. Let’s find someone to do a polygraph test and YOU and me with go to the rec center maybe during a board meeting to see who is lying. I’ll even pay for everything out of my pocket. BUT I get to choose the person due to do the test cuz you’ll have it rigged probably like the elections. Let me know when you would like to do it and I’ll set it up and I’ll even send fliers to the residents so everyone is invited to see who is lying. So let me know
If you want to start on me remember I worked there for 8 years and I do know a lot


This is the first in what maybe the undoing of the Clique


No need to apologize for us leaving. We should be apologizing to you .


My name is John Leyba I’ve been in the water/wastewater field for almost 30 yrs. 20+ with Widefield and the last 8 years with Woodmen Hills. I started in January 2009 with the district. This was a Great place to work and Started going downhill ever since they “District” got rid of the district manager. Pretty much a setup to get rid of Larry.  They used Sherry, Kim and the park and rec girl as witness. After using them to do the dirty work the three girls are no longer with the district “funny”. They had Kim C. Do dirty work for them and after it was done they started treating her like crap just to get her to quit which worked and I’m assuming that’s what happened to Tabitha. I should know as I am still good friends with some of them. But getting back to Ron.

Since starting with the district. Employees are like brain washed into hating Ron and that’s a fact. I don’t know Ron personally or same goes to the other employees I work with but you always hear neg comments from us about him as that’s how you were trained at Woodmen Hills. So I wonder how many Residents are in the same boat. Do you actually know Ron or is it from hearsay and if it’s from hear say I would take a lucky guess that it came from a friend of a friend that works or has worked for the district. I’ve been reading Ron site for years and from what I’ve read Ron is pretty accurate. He does have the District scared “board and management “.  Gene is scared. Gene came up with a plan where the district will give a allowance for us to use our personal phones for work and do away with work phone because Ron can do a request for phone records. We the workers said no we want the work phones because we have nothing to hide. Gene must be worried as he went and bought a personal phone and did away with his work phone. Why would you give up a free work phone. Must be hiding stuff like they hide Rustys black caddy in the district garage once in awhile for meetings. A lot of fishy stuff going on there , They seem to spend more time daily about Ron then official work. If you would like to know more on this Ron will have my email address.

To sum this up.

We should be apologizing and feeling sorry for YOU and your FAMILY for losing your HOME trying to protect Woodmen Hills. Residents you need to WAKE UP and if you don’t like Ron then you all should get together and get your own group on the board. Bottom line

Needs to be run like real district and not like a construction company. A new board will be the ones to make this HAPPEN.  Gene- you wonder why when staff leaves that we run to Ron. It’s probably because he has website that gets the most hits for Woodmen Hills


Mr. Pace apologizes to those less fortunate staff who have left us under duress

Update; Gene Cozzilino is furious by the calls I have received and the pile of files on their way. Goodbye Gene, one of the issues is a pond was only partially repaired and the state was not notified of the second leak and Gene knew about it. Now I can not confirm it but I know who can.

Then on Genes orders the staff will be forced to come by and turn off my water but forgot I already secured the meter months ago. Gene is fuming as confirmed by another staff member over two ex employees contacting me.

I am waiting for an entire box of files and memos by Gene and the administrators of Woodmen Hills.


It sickens me to learn today that 3 staff members quit working for Woodmen Hills under duress. I was not able to contain my emotions on in video so I must type it here.

Today I learned that the following 3 employees quit their jobs and were told not to speak to Mr. Pace about it.

To think that one person is responsible for the demise of more than 11 employees tells me she is beyond corrupt and must be addressed.

I was able to verify some of the information but due to current employment by one informant I will venture a guess on the rest.

The following is a list of the recently departed.

Tabitha Braille Park and Rec (Quit)

Jeremy Baker Water and Waste Water (Quit)

John Lebya Water and Waste Water (Quit)

As I understand it Jeremy Baker quit for refusing to shut off my water citing I am paying my bill. Lisa Marie Peterson of Woodmen Hills in an excited fashion ordered him to turn off the water and Jeremy refused her order not once but on numerous occasions for his insubordination  she made life miserable for his remaining days as he called his wife to come pick him up after refusing to cut off our water on the day he quit.

John Lebya also meet the same fate and quit over the same set of circumstances. Lisa Marie Peterson of Rio Secco Rd Peyton CO, 80831 is the person who made this possible.

Last but not certainly least. Tabitha Braille also quit her job but an unnamed source says Janice Pizzi and Peterson played a roll in so much that they wanted Braille to take action against Mr. Pace to add additional punishment and various other issues she refused to.

Let me be clear on this point, I have listened to many staff in Woodmen Hills tell me stories of what Jan and Lynne or Walter have ordered them to do to me and my family in the name of Green.

The fake Facebooks belong to employees trying to influence this election by any means possible. Lisa Peterson has the most to lose in this instance and as verified is still after me and my family.

Mrs Peterson may be guilty of crimes against humanity and fellow staff but surely guilty of forcing employees against their will to do a job they refuse to do all for Water Board.

As partially verified the election issues I stated earlier are real. Partial is better than nothing.

To those who had to quit for the purposes stated I am deeply sorry and words will not express the pain I am having as I write this to you and your family.

If there is anything I can to help with anything please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your voice will not go unnoticed. The only way to fix it is allow me the chance I wish I had years ago. Since the election maybe compromised the only hope is for voters to overwhelmingly cast ballots to stop the madness.

My sincere apologies to the Bakers, Braille’s, and Lebya families.

Welcome To Bill Lewis our new attorney for Woodmen Hills

I was right and I will stand behind my comments as they will come to fruition.

The Board and its members denounced any involvement with Green. No surprise there.

Then handed out the usual information from the lawyers.

As in the past this is the course of events but I hear the meeting was up beat and that’s nice to hear.

I will say this again, not all information is public and debt is debt the notes show a credit balance of 11,000,000.00 and some the separation of the board to distance itself from the man behind the flyers.

Mr. Lewis isn’t stupid. He is above board and will tell the board what is legal like it or not. I like that with that said the information passed out has interesting comments as I suspected it would.

I did read the passages and if I may offer one tiny piece of proof. In the last 10 years the district has not paid back any of its debt.

With the increase and the limited amount from Bent Grass in terms of “taps” the truth will come out soon enough over time.

The Plant will cost over 20 million when finished like it or not unless Cherokee wins it battle to raise the standards for everyone as not even the district can say with a certainty as others asked the same question.

Mr. Green is who I said he is and is the man behind the flyers for over 7 years. For those not fortunate enough to be the one he went after consider yourself lucky. Mr. Green controlled a board of his people and got caught doing it.

The information decimated at the meeting was directed to distance the board from Green and denounce any comments made. It was directed at one candidate as is always the case. In the near future as posted the total tap fees derived from Bent Grass will not cover the debt as reported to the in the plans to the County planning department or the meeting.

The documents passed out show a that some of the money from the new lease has been spent already and a credit balance of over 11 million dollars is left.

My question is simple where did the 8 or so million go that was already expended?

In a perfect world the taps get paid and the user fees pay back the debt and everyone’s home value rises to historic levels. In a perfect world everyone drives Lambos and crew cab trucks.

In a perfect world everyone get to keep theirs jobs and no one goes to jail and cops don’t kill unarmed minorities.

In a perfect world there is accountability and the Greens of the world get hung out to dry for messing with  communities members

In Woodmen Hills he get rewarded.

The documents contain some very interesting information I would like to share with those less fortunate not to have been present at the meeting.

The first item is about transparency, UMB bank will be the trustee and is the current trustee. I have in the past asked information about bondholders and told only the board could release it and they never did.

Second item up for consideration is the so called “not” a debt was carefully defined in a very unique way. The author was carful to repeat the financial instrument negotiated is not debt by any means. It is a “lease purchase agreement and the option to purchase in the end. Then several references to cars and other such documents were used to define the definition by legal.

If you pay for something over time and expect to own it after the fact the payments are for the express purpose of obtaining a good or service. This by definition is a debt. The legal definition being assigned and the references were used to give a legal definition by I suspect Mr. Bill. any obligation to obtain any asset by way of a signed agreement or contract where money is exchanged is a debt. A portion of the money was used to pay back prior debt. The funds are not subject to open records as I read CORA but I will try to get them.

Webster’s define “indebtedness” as something (as an amount of money) that is owed. The definition  speaks for itself.

The water and buildings are leveraged assets in exchange for monetary value and used as collateral to extend financial compensation.

Anyone who took economics 101 and 201 know this is a form of debt. If we can write off the interest then it is debt and we can write off the interest.

The banking system says any instrument acculumating interest for the purpose of repayment of in securing of an asset is a debt. I stand by Forbes.

In the third part of this writing is what was taken away from each and every resident in Woodmen Hills.

The notes are clear and done by an attorney. As I stated our right to vote and have a say was stolen by the board and no amount of attorney or case history can restore it.

In the section B the district has already entered into an agreement for 19.25 million of which 8.25 million has already been disbursed.

The file then goes on the tell readers how debt was done without a vote of the people in several references. Again no resident input as I said was the case. The board of the community circumvented our input and vote and took out a financial instrument to the tune of 19.25 million dollars an obligation we will all pay back in fees monthly in our bills.

The letter say the rates are not going up 70 dollars and I think I said on this site the amount to cover such expenditures would be up to 70 not 70 a big difference. Lets see if the monthly bills go up shall we.

The next line says there is no “newly formed nonprofits that controls payments”.

That’s not the claim I made but if you read the letter from the district is says that claim was made. No it wasn’t but convincing others it didn’t happen just takes a review of what I posted on my earlier posting right here. I said,

Nowhere in my post do I say  a “newly formed nonprofit controls payments” but if Bill said I did then I will speak to Bill and get his take on if he did the letter.

Now with that said, I will say it again we owe money but the board and the new lawyer with legal references say its not debt but its money owned no matter what. They want residents to believe we owe no more money as debt but money nonetheless.

Point is two fold Bill pay attention please, If money is owed then it is owned and for everyone else it is for all intensive purposes debt. Now as for the other behind the scenes action the  board took I said it before and now, the board took away all residents voices in taking on more owed money I will call debt so no amount of Bill or Board will convince me otherwise at the end of the day the board of Woodmen Hills obligated each and every resident to pay back this “not a debt” without our input and a vote. Now what say residents on it. By all means comment as necessary.

This is the same vote stealing tactic the board used in prior election to sway voters and interfere in the election.

Thanks for stopping by and please vote.









Drowning in debt now a reality and I told everyone it was going to happen before the election.

Directors Pizzi’s comments is one for the ages so I posted it here.

Jan Pizzi on April 28, 2016 at 10:10 am said: Edit     

And you take no blame in this, frivolous lawsuit.

This is the thinking of a person who just sank the future of Woodmen Hills all for a gym expansion and control of the districts plant to the man behind the flyers.

I am doing a final video on this subject please see it here, thanks.


Sorry it is 35 million my key board stuck and it kept adding zeros.

In a move to circumvent the BOCC for approval the Woodmen Hills Board of directors made a deal with the developer who is behind the flyers to take on additional debt without having to seek BOCC approval in essence they do not need approval as the lease does not require approval by the Board of County Commissioners.

The last bastion of safety for residents was removed when the board went around the approval process and almost doubled the districts debt load.

Board president Lynne said;

“it’s legal”

Benjamin Irwin Green just bent over everyone in Woodmen Hills for the next 30 years.

Our grandchildren will pay back this debt for years just like what Obama did to us for almost 8 years.

If the numbers are correct Benjamin Irwin Green gets an estimated 14-16 million dollars in his Nonprofits name and there is nothing anyone can do after the check is cashed.

As updated today the nonprofit in which the flyers say is the one being tapped for the refinance does not exist as of today. The Colorado Secretary of State shows no name for the entity called;

Woodmen Hills Public Facilities Leasing Trust

First of all, our debt payments are about the same as the old arrangement, but the interest is much more favorable. We have a debt ceiling of $16.2 million. That has not changed. Our debt is still $16.2 million. That debt will be paid from the $20 million in tap fees as Bent Grass gets built out. Plus, as it gets built out, each resident will be paying user fees. The lease purchase arrangement (also called Certificate of Participation–you may have heard of school districts using that procedure) means that we created the Woodmen Hills Public Facilities Leasing Trust. They will own the sewer plant and our Guthrie water. We will lease it from them (therefore it’s not considered debt) and at the end of the lease, we own it. The alternatives to getting a new sewer plant — which was mandated by state law — were much, much more expense (connecting with Meridian Ranch (who has been under violations since Day One), or connecting with CSU).

The question Lynne refused to answer were

Who is the “we” and who is the “they will onw the sewer plant and our Guthrie water”

Since the entity isn’t recorded as being in business there is no data on it.

This brings the one question I have who are the figures Lynne refers to as “They” in her answer.