To Mr. raczj64 I have read your comments and I gave it carful consideration so let me point out some documents that I posted here on this site and some I can not load due to shear volume.

The establishment of Green in district affairs with records I have to figure out a way to load due to shear volume. I will try to post them on another site then link it to this one. You are correct I hate not posting the 1700 documents I obtained from the CDPHE. But if you care to refute my claim just call them and ask them if I copied them and say hi to Brandon for me.

On 4-24-2015 I received a “spoliation” notice dated 4-17-2015 by WHMD attorney which is precursor to a civil action. In the letter Mrs. White made several utterances via the letter. If you care to read it then by all means take the time to do so.

The second letter was clear my ban was due to two matters one of which I was not aware of but I did do a CORA in February to retrieve any such documentation on it and the letter  is clear, “no records” exist for such matters. In the letter dated April 8, 2015 I took note that the staff and the board were notified via email told to stay away from me due to my current situation In March. The board and Peterson did tell employees to leave me alone as noted by several weeks of no issue and one employee who did tell me that I was not to be interfered with while working out. Petersons kid was the only one to not speak to me for the duration. She was also the one who knows what Miller did and gave a negative (colorful account)  statement about the exchange between me and Miller to the deputies. The recording made by EPSO will be available later.

Two days later I went to the went to the RCW and Peterson and Braille called the deputies after I asked to get some clarification on my ban and Peterson and Braille confronted me at the West Center on April 4, 2015.  They summoned  deputies and accused me for trespassing the deputies took note of my phone recorder and then read me the riot act (very nicely) and were informed by the two that a letter was “in transit” on the suspension as one of the deputies was informed of a recorded statement she made to me two days prior on just leaving for the “day”. Something White knows about and ignored in the spoliation notice. Note; the postage mark appears to show 16th of April 12 days after Peterson told deputies the letter was in “transit”. It should be noted that the letter dated April 8, 2015 was written 4 days later after they lied to deputies about it being in “transit”.

For the record lying to a deputy or giving a false reports is a crime but how come no one is ever punished for committing any crimes?

I will give Bliss a chance to fix the matter as for the recordings they are considered evidence and sent to me by the EPSO records ladies. So if you want to hear it got get a copy. Sorry raczj64 

This is why a recall is needed. Blisses employees made false statements to  deputies about a letter that had not YET  been mailed. Two deputies are witness and I had my phone recorder on.

So should I go the BOCC and let the public know that under Blisses regime that making false statements  to deputies is not a crime or punishable. YES!

Do I need to tell 650,000 tax payers that Bliss condones these actions by the shear lack of punishment for such actions. YES!

Do I need to bring these documents and recording to the attention of everyone in El Paso County to show how Bliss allows employees to lie to deputies for the heck of it. YES!

The districts intent was clear.

I asked Mrs White to tell them to fix the issue and White appears to have turned it into a circus. 6 deputies can’t all be liars.

 Now as you are not aware if deputies are called and one is out on bail the deputies can revoke bond and immediately lock anyone who violates the “terms and conditions”. When Peterson and Braille called them it was with intent and knowledge of knowing that any accusation of a criminal nature (Pizzi told them) would result in immediate revocation of bond.  I did a story on this site you can scroll down to see it.

The “wet behind the ears” and “punk” comment was direct and accurate. What if I told you Mr. All American punched a girl (ex) in the face and gave her a black eye as told to my by  former classmates who knew about it. Or the one where a kid knocked him out in a fight, would that change your perception of him? An employee who came looking to establish contact did so knowing I was out on bail as I posted it here and it was common knowledge. It should be noted that the April 2, visit was my first since the my release.

 As for the HOA matter, it is in writing and not of by my hand. The goal from start to finish was to force the HOA to get legal so why when I asked in numerous meetings and as told to the DRC board didn’t anyone take action in the prior 7 years? Well the legal advise was they didn’t have to and so why do it. The HOA had the ability to fix it since inception and refused. That falls to the HOA not me. The command staff of Carson are very interested in what I  sent them. It predates my Howell issue. It establishes that Howell as an officer of the military may have not acted in accordance what Military policy. I really don’t concern myself but I did establish that Howell did and still makes comments unbecoming an Army officer which is provable with actions he took over time. Well I do not post comments for a reason and the ones Howell posted are clear written and date stamped for the record and establish a pattern of behavior.

Mr. Howell was and is a bully proved by his own actions while on the board.

He left out the negative parts.

The definition of a punk is as follows;


a. An often aggressive or violent young man:
b. An inexperienced young person:

 The “wet behind the ears” comments is an Idiom

young and not experienced; The job put a lot of responsibility on someone who was still wet behind the ears.

The statement is accurate in the fact that Mr. Miller has a lot to learn. He established the day after I gave Peterson mom the POA is dislike with me and rumor has it is upset that Mrs. McDonald quit and as rumor has it was due in part to her refusal to suspend me on orders of Pizzi.

Thanks for posting your comment

As for the other issues you mentioned, blaming Green only establishes his actions in 2007 the rest was up to the “new” board who didn’t take heed from their managers and who got the axe for trying to inform the board that I was correct. Mrs Klinge and others were just trying to follow the law it was the HOA that blew it off. So it only cost me a Restraining order small price to pay to make it legal.


Rumors travel fast and rumor has it that WHMD is pursuing legal action again against me using various current employees to obtain an injunction and a new set of RO’s that they are using the Park and Rec matter where Savanna, Tabitha and others gave statements claiming I violated the new behavior policies to the extent that I am barred then claim that I due to my years of tenure the ban was not made permanent.

You got a bigger problems I don’t suck ass or kiss it. The staff under orders picked this battle, my warnings were ignored. Why would anyone think that Mommy would punish her own kid for lying or her partner in crime. Must be the POA that pissed her off or the numerous other matters I was made privy to by ex employee.

I made it clear, the spoliation notice delivered by BFHS was the warning of future civil action by the district to thwart the recall against the board members as I posted my intent on this site. That is why they ratcheted it up a notch.

The district sent home several employees who claim they are in fear of retaliation  for the suspension after it was Lisa Peterson not Mrs. White who sent the suspension letter and only copied Mrs. White. Mrs. White wanted me to work out our differences but claims that I have past issues with the district. Ya think.

As Howie Mandel would say, “NO DEAL”, your client picked the fight and I warned everyone.

Ask her for my response to that, I left it on a voicemail and outlined my position on it so after I did they sent home employees.


Read the letters on the HOA if you have questions, the request was made to release all the liens placed by the DRC against all homeowners in the filing, Howell left that part out of his attack. He also left out the fact the case did not move forward. He also left out some other vital information but the letters will be turned over to his command as I said they predate the current matter involving him. Mr. Howell left out so many facts of record I just wanted his command staff to read the letters and KOAA stories of what he did to the Wrights.

Your actions spoke louder than words and the icing on the cake are the 20 plus comments you left on this site that I didn’t post showing how vindictive you are and such. The facts are this I did the following and it was not put into any flyer

1. Get legal

2. Release all liens against home owners in the filing

3. Leave the Wright’s alone

The alternative was pursing a civil claim to make Howell do just that.

I am sure that since the letters predate the incident his commanders will see it for what it is and the one I love is Howell making comments unbecoming an Army Officer while on duty.

Ya the commanders will see my history but the nice thing is you sued my wife in retaliation for telling you to get legal and follow CCOIA.

Having Orton blame Green was priceless and dumb as I told everyone here he still controls this place via his boards by altering the outcomes of elections using Jacks who is still has business with WHMD.

Mr. Howell the dates of the letters establishes and predates our issue and it is relevant the situation. You are chums with the same people who are goanna take another shot at me. I am not using any records that belong to me.

The “juvenile delinquent” and “social misfit” comment was a nice touch and I sent it to my attorney and she was happy to see it along with the other ones you sent but I didn’t post.

A am sure your command will be very interested to see you have all this time to post dumb comments on my site.


Today the flyer case came to a close and the honorable Judge McHenry ordered Mr. Pace liable for the 89,000.00 in legal fees for the flyer case.

The ruling was correct and Lynne Bliss was present with Frank Gonzalez.

For those who are unfamiliar, the judge was very correct in his actions. A free speech case is hard and almost impossible to prevail in a 12B motion. Robert Gardner told my lawyer he is coming after me, not a great statement to make by a man who defends child molesters and hides campaign contributions to protect Green, Case and Wiepking.

Hey boys I promise you will never pay for a flyer about me again.

As I predicted I would end up owning the employees of Benjamin Green, John Wiepking and Randel Case the money for sending out the flyers claiming I was a felon, extortionist, stalker, threat to woman and children and many more.

Well I will promise this, Jacks will never do another flyer about me again.

Just another day in court. Thanks to Mark for the effort and

my lawyer was amazed at my non response

I wonder is this the time……?

I stand by my original promise.

Do any employees wish to give me some shit now?

I would not recommend it

I am still out on bail so I must behave

Mrs. White you might want to get the facts of what happened and not what some scorned employees told you.

I posted the facts and that is motive


Update; I just received the letter from WHMD from Mrs. White

The letter of suspension is dated April 8, 2015 and it is clear.

Josh Miller

Savanna Peterson

Tabitha Braille

The employees of WHMD claimed

 I did the following, according to the letter with BHFS’s mark on it,

“extreme misconduct”, and “threatening behavior” and “abusive and intimidating language” toward rec center staff.

for the incident on April 2, 2015 where a wet behind the ears punk wanted a confrontation when I am out on bond.

My posts were clear, do not speak to me as I do not want to be accused of any issues nor spoken to when I exercise.

The rec staff can………. Josh came looking for a fight and we all know about the Petersons and Barelle issues.

Without due process the banned caused by Josh is a …….

The threat to have be arrested is on record by Peterson..

The staff came looking and I was in no position to respond for fear of revoking my bond.

Please be patient, I waited this long to fix this place what’s a prison term to me.

I told the staff to leave me alone and that request was ignored each time.

Mrs. White I warned your clients to stay away from me 5 times on this site and in emails to the board.

That request was ignored

No one has ever been suspended for harassment or any such actions towards me.

The rules do not apply to the staff when it comes to me

The staff violated the employee policies numerous times but who gives a fuck, right.

Well I do. I posted all the actions by staff on this site when they happened so how come they all still have their jobs?

Double standard, huh.

I told deputies what happened and “excuse me please” is not a threat.

 Guilty as charge according to White and Co.

A bunch of kids wanna play games, ok.

I heard a rumor that Bliss and Co. are going after a new set of RO’s

but its just rumors.

You just don’t know when to quit.

Mrs. White, produce the letters or statements you claim on my actions

as claimed by staff as the police report is has yet not been made available.

I was also served a spoliation notice by WHMD for potential legal action by Bliss and Co.

Ok. my response will come soon.

In stead of punishing those who do Pizzi’s bidding you want another crack at it.

Please be patient and I will keep my promise, Mrs. White ever wonder why it was only when I used the West Center that I got shit from the staff?

The rules only apply to me not to Blisses bunch.

Policies are for a reason.

Due process my ass.


On a unrelated note Mr. Howell may have accessed my military records illegally according the OIG. The comments he left will be used for in assistance in my other matter. Thanks for the comments.

Your comments priceless Mr. Howell and very useful, he keeps sending me great items like this one.


What is it like going through life as a juvenile delinquent and a social misfit?

This comment from an Army Warrant officer who I will forward to Army command today, my treat along with the other comments you posted here that I never put on the site.

What Howell, the letters from my attorney were not what you told others in the flyers and prove who you are and then some. The Wrights were victims and you are exactly what I said you are.

The letters establish what I was trying to do “legal” wise for 7 years. The HOA’s own lawyers admitted they were not operating legally and this is what I told everyone. There first order of business was to tell the DRC to get compliant “legal” under CCOIA.

What was it I was trying to do for 7 years? Remind me who the lawyers blame for the issue in the first place, “declarant” Green. So who crazy.



many positions available for

No “ban letter” by WHMD! I have not received the letter from Peterson on the ban. The dispatch call made for criminal trespass is on YouTube. The “letter” never arrived. So I guess the deputies lied, or Peterson/Braille lied.

The fact is simple my entire family 👪 was banned juxtaposition. The proximity key used to access the rec center was disarmed, so the ban was extended to my entire family 👪 as a punch 👊 in the face by WHMD, they could not use the West Center

have still not received the “ban” letter from WHMD but I did get the recording of the call for service by Peterson on criminal trespass

For those who want to see the banishment/disbarment letter from WHMD,  I have not received it as of yet but I will post it when it arrives, as at least 2 deputies (recorded)  say it was in “transit”, must have taken the Mediterranean route?

That letter is priceless

To; friend or foe, I have loaded more documents on the new Park and Rec  and HOA saga, sorry I thought it was still loaded. This virus Tabitha employee sent is wreaking havoc but I am patient.

I guess another issue is servers not up to snuff, sorry. Thanks for stopping by.


Apologies to those who could not download the files I put them at the bottom in single form.

Yes the facts are a hard pill to swallow. I told everyone that I was fighting for the rights vote and it only cost  about 16,000.00, your welcome.

Howell can make all the false online Facebook claims he wants. I will just use documents and victims. The issue was as easy as a vote back in 2007 but alas I was the only one fighting for those rights and Mrs. Klinge was correct, the board just didn’t want to listen. So I had to learn the hard way, well at least you and yours didn’t.

The HOA is spending over 4,000.00 for a party of sorts, I guess using it to assist other residents with yearly assessment was too much of a stretch, enjoy the party.

I have a word



Sorry, yes again.

Can I get a whoooooooooooo Bundy!

I am reloading the files but for now please click in the pile of document as I have loaded and a video for your review, please enjoy and the recall rumors, well you’ll just have to wait and see.

The behavior policy was so Mr. Pace even my lawyer thought you all added the personal touch.

I said if Bliss didn’t cut it out and after she refused to let me open my own account on a property I own via Peterson and Braille.  After she refused to discipline her protected staff for my refusal I guess I would like to take a crack at this one.

First accusation; Refused a disabled vet an account without cause after he provided written proof of change of ownership last year.

The next one will be violation of civil rights to all residents who required to sign the new user agreement that violate civil rights as well as legal rights afforded to each resident.

Did you ever think that the board would pull one like this. Did mention the dress code now in affect at the centers, its the 1950’s all over again but don’t take my word for it go read it on the wall at each center.

The facts are simple. The proof is irrefutable and on record as she passed it in a meeting. My newly formed non-pro will allow me to obtain cheap mailings just like the developers did.

After I show proof not spin then lets see how you get out from under violations of constitutional law.

Hey look, i’m LAUGHING!

The difference is I can use her own resolutions and new rules against her.


Behavior policy, new user agreement and waiver of liability, tax records and HOA documents that are a must read. The truth is just a click away

The behavior policy was just the beginning and was sent to DOLA, SDA, and The Colorado Attorney General and ACLU for inspection

Well on point was the issue over speech and expression.

Bliss and the board took away both and the Ice Queen isn’t going to get out from this one

The other matter (recall)  is all mine and Bliss deserves it for her fine work on being such a great board president and passing the single most absurd act since I can remember.

Proof is what I need and what I have no more no less and to add icing on the cake I kept the emails I sent to the board and on here that I was not to be interfered with due to my bond and you all still fucked with me didn’t ya.

Better get Green your goanna need him or call Jacks she might be available.

This is what the developer envisioned when he pushed the flyers.

I went to the BOCC and they let me speak and a few others were very gracious, so thanks for that.

For those who can not download all the files at once here are the single ones.

Derivative action demand letter.Revised.Mark’s..

goodlock letter

Letter Req Records

Ltr from Woodmen Hills Filing.2

Ltr from Woodmen Hills Filing

Ltr. to Maceau Law 11-13-14 Re Records

WHFN11DRC Ltr 2-3-14.Notice





Recreation Centers – Registration Usage and Liability Waiver


 Sorry but some of the pages didn’t load so I did it this