A massive recall is in the cards

Just in,

A resident of Woodmen Hills has been ban from “ALL PROPERTY” of WH to include all public meetings of the metro district

The ban extends if the newly issued “release of liability” is not signed. The ban will automatically extend beyond the 6 months until the resident signs the new agreement.

As this writer said the place is not a public place only for the purpose of claiming status.

The ban extends to all property owned by Woodmen Hills Metro District.

Looks like deputies can expect to arrest a lot of residents cause this is out of control behavior by Lynne “the sins” idea.

I found it funny Lisa Peterson “director of administration and interim director for Park and Rec”,  didn’t have to balls to sign the letter. Why?


This action by Woodmen Hills proves they are out of control. This ban establishes that the board and employees do think they control others lives and well being.

If you fail to comply you are ban from Woodmen Hills how F-ed up is that?

Gene Cozzilinos lives in Castle Rock for those who want to know. He is a public employee.

I have his picture and will post it for those who want to know what he looks like for now his picture is on YouTube and FB in videos I posted he is the guy on the left side of the room wearing glasses on the right of Peterson at the meeting table.

This is why they hired the new lawyers HW intentionally to protect Green as they maybe his lawyers for the CRRRG and Alliance matter, more to come on that.








Pot “grow” houses now a new target

Warning Warning Warning Warning

To those who live in Woodmen Hills filing 11 last night (8-13-2016) a smash and grab was done on Rio Secco Rd. The Sheriff came here and viewed my video but we only saw a white Ford Pickup (crew cab) with Roof markers lamps.
Beware that this is the second type smash and grab in weeks. They are targeting the grow houses in our area as they have no security and the take is mind boggling.

They tied up the occupants and went at it until they got what they needed and left.

Please exercise caution and make sure your wife has extra ammunition so she can load while you keep shooting. Hence the word “Team Work” I am on my own so I will just preload.

The Sergeant on duty said the number of houses is over 300 in the El Paso area.

All Cuban